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It’s flashback photo day here on the bloggie. Hope you will enjoy.


Just another day in the kitchen back in 2005. Before I was vegan and when Eliot was just 1 1/2.

From one of my favorite photo sets ever: Easter 2006.
My nephew asleep in a grocery cart. Don’t judge, sometimes a kid is just TIRED!
Eliot, age 2 at Hidden Villa Farm. I dreamed of this child and this moment for years.
Husband and Eliot’s hands filled with Cambria’s rocky sand.
First ever chocolate chip cookie.
First haircut.

On Mother's Day we went to the Japanese Gardens and everywhere you looked was beauty. Highly recommended.

2010-05-09 13-22-04 - IMG_6058 by waxpancake.
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2010-05-09 13-28-20 - IMG_6078 by waxpancake.

2010-05-09 13-35-19 - IMG_6103 by waxpancake.

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2010-01-04 17-42-28 - IMG_4682 by waxpancake.
Cousins under an amazing sky
2010-01-04 17-35-48 - IMG_4668 by waxpancake.
Me and my shadow
2010-01-04 17-26-53 - IMG_4607 by waxpancake.

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*Green smoothie from last night- romaine, bananas, orange, and vanilla creme stevia.
*Strawberries from the farmer's market- love! With some dark chocolate- love!
*Eliot's friend Anna had her birthday party today and I snacked on grapes and a beet, cauliflower, carrot salad. And half of a Vega bar. yum!
***Ran to the gym, 5 minutes on eliptical, boot camp class, ran home, 20 minutes on my treadmill at 15% incline at 3.4 speed. Loads of calories burned!
*Green smoothie- spinach, strawberries, bananas, cacao, msm, maca, and water.
*Juice from Sip- celery, beet and carrot.
*Restaurant for a big salad and one of Eliot's pizza crusts!
*Three small vegan pumpkin chocolate chip muffins/cupcakes with powdered sugar on top. yum!

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Kauai is magical and beautiful. We spent ten days at the Sheraton on Poipu beach, south shore. Andy snorkeled, zip lined and ate the best seafood ever. I loved almost daily trips to Lotus Bar and Blossoming Lotus, drinking Lava Flows and the waterfall jump! Eliot went on a train ride with his grammie and gramps, and Riley. We swam in pools and in the ocean. Eliot had a fast crush on an island girl named, Sky. Can you stand it? It is crazy beautiful and relaxing.

We had a birthday party for Cooper, our anniversary dinner and celebrated grammie's birthday too! We saw a sea turtle, big and small tropical fish swimming around our feet, chickens everywhere, and a monk seal came to swim with Summer and Mary! Watching Summer in the ocean gave me the courage to really go out far and swim in the ocean. It was exhilarating because I was a bit scared but I loved it. I stayed in that salty water until my eyes burned! A big wave even pushed me down the beach filling my bikini bottoms with sand!

We have great pictures to share. Here are some from my sis-in-law and Andy's cousin, Mary. More later!

yes, that is andy and ami jumping off a cliff.

Andy and I jumped off of a waterfall cliff 20 feet high!


Kauai, north shore

ami. love this shot!

Me, taking a photo of Gina!

ami and her body art.

I don't get to see my tattoos very often!

still night, shakey hand.

I love this one.


At Cooper's party at Brick Oven Pizza.

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DSC01491 Four years ago tonight I was in labor with Eliot in me and on his way out! And yesterday morning we ran our first race together as a family. Nike had a race at their Nike World Headquarters. In this picture you can see Eliot's determined stride as we closed in on the finish line.

5-12-2008 11-24-54 AM_0044     

This one was taken at his cousin Riley's third birthday party at the Avalon Arcade.

5-11-2008 9-13-13 AM_0272

5-11-2008 7-58-30 AM_0246

5-11-2008 7-58-15 AM_0245 These three were taken in Arizona last month. The one of him running just tugs at my heart. I had it blown up. The third picture is Andy's current wallpaper.

4-14-2008 2-25-24 AM_0211

This is Eliot's fake surprised face from the backseat, hamming it up.


And this last one is my Eliot baby. So beautiful! This was probably taken around 9 months old, he's had loads of hair from the start.
Happy Birthday eve, Eliot B.

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november 20, 2007

today we got on an airplane and came to portland, oregon. we rented a blue prius. we went to the cup and saucer for lunch then to saint cupcakes for dessert. we stopped in at a market called 'z', i think, for some diapers and soy milk.
we drove around until our 2pm appointment with todd in the irvington neighborhood to view a four bedroom house for rent. we liked it a lot. ironically todd is a director who's moving to los angeles for awhile. he told us we were the fourth couple from california to view the house in the last few days. hmmm. what's up californians? next, we checked into the most amazing hotel ever, the kennedy school.
eliot and i napped while andy bought me a travel size hot pink hair dryer from walgreens then went and drank beers and ate fries. when eliot woke up we drove as fast as we could to the only toy store that was still open and that was in nw portland. we finished our day off with an amazing meal at the blossoming lotus and drove past the irvington house again. oh, and then we took loads of photos around the hotel because it is incredible! andy just left the room to go see a movie , also here in the hotel, and eliot is begging me to go to sleep, so goodnight!

november 21

we woke up at the kennedy school and got ready to go out. i met todd at his house to give him our rental application and walk through the house once more. i went back to the hotel to pack up and go to breakfast on alberta. we dined at hesler's and afterwards headed out to see more homes.
the next one was really nice but the frat boy who owned it was remodeling, and even though he had done a nice job, i just wasn't feeling it. then he disclosed he only wanted someone in for about four months. but he painted the kitchen orange and that was lovely! next we hung out with summer, daniel, riley and london. yummy kids! we called on houses and looked on craigslist until we were starving again. summer and i left all the boys and went to th new herbivore and food fight stores on se stark. then we got some take out at paradox, amazing chocolate cake. after eating we saw two more houses. one that was wacky and needed work but the owner was really sweet. and the other was cool, right off of hawthorne, near mt.tabor, two bedrooms down and a big room the size of the house upstairs. it's less expensive then the house we love in irvington but the two rooms downstairs are tiny and well by the end of today todd wanted our answer on his house. i think i skipped the point of the day when i realized todd had called right after i left this morning and offered the house to us. andy called and said we'd take it. i feel a little bad because i don't know if we are 100% because i think we should keep looking over the weekend and andy disagrees. but we're not yet locked into a lease and to be fair we only looked for one day! by 6:30pm we were back at the gibson house for more fun with cousins. by 8:10pm we were in our car and headed to washington to go stay with my mom for two nights. eliot was beyond tired and had a melt down as we lay down to finally go to sleep. poor boy, no nap and all this new excitement. goodnight!

november 22

happy thanksgiving! my mom is making me vegan treats, but i may cheat on the pumpkin pie today. vegan pumpkin pie is not so great.
end of the day now, ate the pie and burping it too much, yuck. verdict: not worth it. had a quiet day. napped with eliot and relaxed. almost bed time. i'm craving some time alone.

november 23

we drove to downtown portland this morning and ate lunch with family. then we headed to veganopolis for more food because i'm a picky vegan. we next walked through the mall on black friday, crazy. there was an indie chick dancing around (without music) in front of a sign saying don't buy anything today. the evening was spent with the gibson's and eliot and i went to bed early which was a good thing because now his nose is all runny!

november 24

lydia and aaron came to visit today! we walked over to zack's shack for hot dogs, walked on hawthorne, and then came back to the gibson's house. eliot i sick with a bad cold so he needed medicine and rest. so i took lydia and aaron to drive past the house we may rent and then to alberta where i had some awesome vegan pizza and a salad. and since we were right next to the kennedy school, we went there too. we spent the evening around the kitchen table and ummer made yummy tacos and everyone had leftover thanksgiving desserts.

november 25

today summer went to a french bakery and brought back oodles of goodies. after a little play time eliot, andy and i ate at nutshell in the mississippi neighborhood. scary hood but nutshell was incredible! eliot is feeling so yucky so we headed back for a nap. eliot slept for four hours while andy watched over him. summer and i took the baby with us to ikea and i stayed with sleeping london while sum went into safeway. the evening was spent eating thai food and hanging out.

november 26

we went to jace gace for breakfast and it was amazing! i had pina colada vegan waffle with coconut cream, bananas, and pineapple. andy had eggs and sausage on a waffle. afterwards we went to the new house and gave our new landlord a check! we move in january 12, 2008. we next visited mabel and zora , a boutique on alberta. really cute stuff in a good range of prices. andy's out to lunch with the metafilter man and e's taking a much needed nap. this entire post is all over the place in regards to time of day i'm writing, but i'm mostly doing it for my own personal archives. hope it's not too tedious if you've read this far! the evening was filled with goodies made again by summer. vegan shells that could fool anyone an chai cupcakes. crazy good.

november 27

last day in portland. we move in 6 1/2 weeks into our new rental in the beaumont-irvington area. we're really close to alberta and 4 miles away from family here in pdx. here we go….

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