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I've made this shake four times in the last five days! Love it! And today I had the pleasure of blending and sharing it with my friend Roz Savage! Luckily she loved it and I sent her on her way to do an interview with her to-go cup full of goodness.

Sarma was kind enough to send the recipe out in her Duckmail newsletter last week and on Monday she blogged it here. Hope you get a chance to make it because it is delicious!

Have a beautiful day xoxoxoox

2010-02-15 11-41-44 - IMG_4929 by waxpancake.

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I have a folder on my computer that I named "art". In my art folder I keep things on the internet that inspire me, that I may want to look at again and that touch my soul. I think of most of these bookmarks as "the art of life". Here are some of my links, leap if you'd like. xoxo

"I am a lucky, plucky, good-sucking genius and a highly trained, entertainingly insane hurricane."

"13. If you never doubt your beliefs, then you’re wrong a lot."

Mystic Medusa

"You only lose what you cling to."

"Say what you mean and mean what you say."

"Does it make you bounce out of bed in the mornings…"

Enjoy! And thanks to Gala Darling! I'm pretty sure I end up book marking a lot of her links! xoxoxo


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Today is Blog Action Day and the topic is climate change.

*My message is to eat a vegan diet or as close to an all veg diet as you can. Enjoy your life, the planet and our children growing up happily by looking ahead. I'm also a fan of  Meatless Mondays and think that's a fabulous place to begin. Or if you have the guts you can ride the extreme roller coaster that is Skinny Bitch and get yourself on board!!

*And please use your own bags everywhere you shop. Easy!

*My friend Roz Savage leads an amazing life sharing her efforts for a better planet for all and a fulfilling life for herself rippling out to you and me.

"A vegan riding a Hummer contributes less to greenhouse gas emissions than a meat eater riding a bicycle" – Paul Watson

‘My life is my message.’ – Gandhi

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May 6 means Mercury is in retrograde again tomorrow. Be aware and patient is the advice I'm taking. 

*Green smoothie- * 16 oz kale, spirulina, bananas, orange, vanilla stevia, msm, yacon syrup and water. With all the sweet stuff in it Andy still said it tasted spicy!

4-30-2009 12-42-49 PM_0236 by waxpancake

Eliot tried Andy's (vegan) peanut butter and strawberry jelly waffle sandwich this morning! HUGE! Five bites! I made a Food Game chart for E this morning and he can win points towards the prizes of his choice. He was very excited and dove right in. Keeping my fingers crossed we can continue on and on and on. Yummy food!

*The rest of my green smoothie about 16 oz. and piece of dark chocolate.

*Restaurant lunch with Andy and Eliot- sushi, edamame, and seaweed salad.

*Sweetpea Bakery- vegan marionberry danish

While driving to Sip Eliot says loudly to me in the car, "You are fun Mommy!" So awesome.

*Green juice from Sip

***burpees, treadmill speed and incline intervals, jump rope intervals.

*Half a Vega bar.

*Bowl of quinoa, nutritional yeast, black pepper, fresh squeezed lemon, mixed greens and a little balsamic vinegar on top. Dessert: two blueberry raw vegan cookies from One Lucky Duck.

And just because I'd like to share here's my favorite dark chocolate bar:

4-30-2009 12-44-59 PM_0244 by waxpancake

Quote of the day via my friend, Roz Savage: The most likely way to reach a goal is to be aiming not at that goal itself but at some more ambitious goal beyond it. – Arnold Toynbee



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We went to Mount Tabor Park on Sunday and I ran well over 650 stairs, ran some trails, used the kids playground to do resistance training and threw in burpees and push-ups. Before the park I used hand weights and bounced on the rebounder. So what's next?  

I thought that post marathon I'd dive into yoga and cycling but now I find myself craving the boot camp experience again (which is something I can do on my own when the weather is gorgeous like it was today!).  My friend, Roz Savage has a membership to 24 Hour Fitness which also sounds appealing. The variety of classes includes cycling and yoga as well as a pool and equipment I don't have. And if it's good enough for Roz (and Robert Cheeke of who works out at my local 24 Hour Gym) then it's good enough for me. I just downloaded a free 7 day pass and I'm hoping to start this week! Voxy friends I will let you know how it goes!

What do you all do for exercise?

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My dear friend Roz Savage is in the running for the American Express Member's Project. Please please if you have time in the next few hours please give her your vote, or of course vote for the project that speaks to you. It's such a fantastic opportunity and prize. I don't know if you've seen the t.v. ads they've been airing but it gave me chills. Love it:

Thank you awesome voxers!

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I just had to mention, my four year old son Eliot just came to sit next to me and asks, "Is Roz on the island yet?" My kid is so cool.

Just before this he was telling me about airplanes and then he asked me, "Are you diffused?" What he means is, 'confused', but he always says 'diffused. hehe

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