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So many things to miss about California.


2009-08-31 15-54-18 - IMG_3001 by waxpancake.

2009-08-31 15-53-32 - IMG_2998 by waxpancake.
More friends

2009-08-27 21-43-26 - IMG_2956 by waxpancake.
Friends little sister

2009-08-28 11-37-30 - IMG_2961 by waxpancake

The beach

2009-08-29 14-26-58 - IMG_2974 by waxpancake.

2009-08-29 13-52-31 - IMG_2964 by waxpancake.

And this is just some loves in northern California. Don't even get me started on so-Cal.

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only my son

ruby blue, eliot's friend is visiting right now. eliot gets on the floor in push-up position and says, "let's do push-ups ruby blue."

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