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Six and a half weeks in to running and training in my Vibram 5 Fingers! And day 39 of P90X! I finally laundered my 5 Fingers in the machine this week, I must admit they were a bit overdue. Gross! I've been running, doing yoga, weight lifting, doing plyometric (jump training), and more in these shoes or barefoot and I'm still loving it! Loving it more and more actually. I feel l am becoming the runner I had hoped to be. Remarkable. And I can't stop talking peoples poor ears off about how they should just try Vibram's on! My new running inspiration is my 11 year old niece, Mia. She runs and her long strong lean legs turn effortlessly under her body. So fast, smooth and easy. Gorgeous to watch her happy formation speeding along. 

Short review of P90X: I'm almost half way through, I can't believe it! I wish I would have had a proper pull up bar from the start. I also wish I would have pushed myself a bit harder in the first three weeks. Week four is kind of a rest week and I was still ready for more. "Get your mind right!" Tony Horton says this in the DVD series a lot. Also, "write it down!" Which I did not do and will do next time for sure! I didn't take photos as they suggest to see your progress, yet another thing I would go back and do. "Do your best and forget the rest!" and "Get a number in your head, set a goal!" More good advice from Horton. This is a DVD set I will come back to again and again. Mixed with yoga, running, and Tracy Anderson DVDs to switch it up and surprise these muscles of mine!

Wishing you health and strength inside and out. xoxoxo

My toes in my Sprints
2010-02-02 17-29-46 - IMG_4825 by waxpancake.

Wiggle toes!
2010-02-02 17-29-39 - IMG_4824 by waxpancake.

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I bought my Vibram Five Fingers back in June in Santa Barbara and have broken them in here and there but now I have a goal of them being my only running shoe. On my brother's recommendation I'm reading Christopher McDougall's Born to Run and it has inspired me to view what's on my feet in a totally new way. Today was day two of running for about twenty minutes on my treadmill in basically bare feet. The funniest part to me was stepping on the treadmill and feeling really really short. ha. My New Balance's gave me some serious height!

As soon as I started to run I noticed how badly I wanted to land and strike with my heel- I really had to fight against this very bad habit. I also noticed how light I felt all over, how straight my back seemed (but unsure if I should lean more forward or backward- I may have to ask the husband to take some photos/video of my posture and stride) and how strong my legs and feet felt. I leaped and bounded and walked and jogged and ran. Then faster and faster and faster. It was fun. I woke up sore this morning all through my legs and knew no matter how much this annoying cold is getting me down I had to put my toes in those Vibram's and work through it again today. Really looking forward to going outside with these shoes on a sunny winter day. Here's hoping we get one! 

And I'll be at it again tomorrow.

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