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I've made this shake four times in the last five days! Love it! And today I had the pleasure of blending and sharing it with my friend Roz Savage! Luckily she loved it and I sent her on her way to do an interview with her to-go cup full of goodness.

Sarma was kind enough to send the recipe out in her Duckmail newsletter last week and on Monday she blogged it here. Hope you get a chance to make it because it is delicious!

Have a beautiful day xoxoxoox

2010-02-15 11-41-44 - IMG_4929 by waxpancake.

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Today is my raw food class with one of my favorites, Elaina Love! I'm so happy and excited that she's here in Portland that I'm simply not going to even think about the ridiculous snow outside right now.

In the last week I've made some great raw vegan food from my current fav uncook books: Raw Food Real World and Ani Phyo's, Ani's Raw Food Kitchen. Here are my photos of Ani's donut holes made by me. Dried pineapple, dates, vanilla, coconut, and almonds and they are so lovely and easy to make.

2-25-2009 1-05-47 PM_0021 by waxpancake.

2-25-2009 1-05-17 PM_0017 by waxpancake.

More later! Have a beautiful day!


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