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Melissa Shoes

Cute-check, Vegan-check

anglomania by Akida.

These come in a beige with a red heart.

Vivienne Westwood x Melissa Shoes by rorenchan.
And these come in RED!!


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so i've been thinking for awhile that this fall i need to rock some cute penny loafers. yes, i'm serious. and this morning i got my weekly splendora email and what have they drawn to the publics attention but a weird little keds penny loafer. yes, sort of a veg friendly shoe, right? which is a positive but not nearly cute enough i say. but, there's hope in sight, has a smart platform version of a penny loafer in bronze or black, yummy and 100% veg friendly. it's by novacas, a brand not so easy to find but worth the search!

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