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Which are your favorite sites for shopping online?

here are a few of my favorite sites: ~ such a cute site, honest customer service, lots of love for pancake meow ~i've spent loads of time and money on zappos, their brand list just seem to get longer and more impressive. linda loudermilk? are you kidding me? zappos is perfection from shopping to ordering, to returning (if you must). ~ fun silly designs and stuff stuff stuff, probably don't need most of it but fun to browse through. ~i've had my eye on her site for so long and i've yet to buy something. her stuff is adorable. ~v-neck t-shirts, dresses, pencil skirts, hoodies, socks and an organic line!  good customer service. i love the reviews too. ~ i've spent too much money here too. good gifts and great service. ~ fun to browse even if you're not vegan. much education to be had and plenty of yummy things to buy! ~ love to look here, never bought any thing though. next month we'll be close to this boutique so i'm looking forward to checking it out in person. ~ oooo patricia, you crazy girl, a blast to browse and i hope to go to her nyc shop next week! i've bought one thing on line last summer and all was smooth. ~ love this online shop! great customer service! great clothes and prices. highly recommended.

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outfits: today i wore all purple again, the same outfit i wore in ojai. yesterday was a long walk to the park in a brown tank, stripey belt and seven jeans. and the day before was my marc by marc jacobs smile dot top.

so i wore the same outfit twice already and i shopped in ojai and i did buy a pair of booty shorts for $10 the other day. which i totally said don't even count, because you know, they're $10 booty shorts. i'm not  sure  i'll  ever  wear them outside.  and i  feel  these  posts  are probably a  bit boring…  is my  experiment over after just one month? no, i'm going to keep going and i'll keep documenting it here because it is convenient.

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I really love tarina tarantino and she has just released a lovely collection inspired by alice in wonderland. which i just happen to be reading thanks to it is worth looking at if you like sparkly trinkets to adorn yourself with.

another latest obsession is a cute little marc by marc jacobs handbag i found on it's chocolate brown with blue bubbley polk a dots. i'd wear it with everything. it's the perfect shape and size with a zipper down the middle.
i need zippers. has bella bloomers for $75. i love these pants and wore them throughout my pregnancy. but i bought mine at a street fair in santa monica for about $30. i'd love to have another pair, but i'm cheap and waiting for another sale again.

i discovered yesterday that i am now small enough to fit into a size 10-12 in little boys at old navy, specifically pajama pants. i bought the green robots pair. they are super cute. i also own an argyle sweater vest from babygap in a size 5 toddler.

so this is what my vox blog would be like if i just wrote about stuff i like and randomly catches my interest.

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