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i spent the morning tending to a feverish little pumpkin. eliot still wanted to make almond mylk with me. he said he wanted to make "roseberry" milk. well, i've never seen a roseberry so i told him we didn't have any so he said, "how about strawberry lemon, that sounds really good," so that's what we did, minus the lemon.

i made so much almond mylk that i had enough to make two 32 ounce shakes. strawberry and chocolate banana blueberry mesquite. i couldn't help myself.

B: 2 baby pears while i made 3 smoothies. smoothie: coconut water, italian parsley, collards, cacoa powder, mesquite, soaked chia seeds, a banana, agave, peaches, and cherries. looks like moss, smells like parsley and tastes lovely.

for the past year and a half i've titled my posts with tori amos lyrics and song titles. because i love her and it it was fun. i'm now moving to joni mitchell lyriics and song titles as of yesterday. i hope this doesn't disrupt your life as i make this significant change, hehe!

L: salad: nori, romaine, red bell pepper, lime juice, ginger, avocado, celery and cucumber

s:  blueberry, banana, and chocolate shake

10 minutes practice spinning poi

D: vita cafe take out- cooked food, vegan blt and vegan mac n cheese with steamed broccoli

i'm feeling ill so it's off to bed with me! i'm so bummed! i had such a good 3 mile run last night! i ran faster then my race time!  so feeling sick feels unexpected and annoying.

be well! eat well!



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last night i practices spinning poi for the first time. i waited until eliot went to bed, turned on my tonya kay "how to spin poi" dvd and put the poi together. i watched the first 15 minutes twice while i tried twirling and spinning, circling and doing a little fancy leg work, ha! this was super fun and challenging. i hit myself in the head, my leg and generally my left hand was not as coordinated as my right, common issue. but i can see myself bringing these outside to my yard, parks and beaches. i demonstrated for andy last night and we were laughing as i started but this morning i showed eliot and he did a beautiful little amazed, "wow". 

so after 30 minutes of spinning i decided to go to bed but it was hard to go sleep. spinning poi felt meditative, freeing and like a workout. my back, right sort of in the middle has a bit of muscle soreness this morning. a really unusual place to feel sore for me. this is a dynamic, interesting, playful way to exercise. hopefully i'll get past bumping my head quickly!

and tonya kay rocks with great instruction and beauty!

spinning poi information:

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