Summer 2009-
New York

Our trip was incredible. People fascinate me everywhere. Design and colors and culture. Museums and history and the summer sky. A little girl named Ayla making a harsh moment soften (on the flight from Chicago to PDX). Beautiful souls coming through warm smiles (Le Seiste restaurant in Paris). A church so old and full of prayers my head hurt and eyes burned (Notre Dame in Paris). New foods for all three of us and a new language for a week, not to mention the language of travel. Packing and unpacking. Laundry in hotel sinks. A room so small they asked us if we'd be needing all of our luggage. A hotel just under 300 years old (Eliot said hi to a ghost there, I never asked if he was joking).-London.  Soldiers with machine guns at the base of the Eiffel Tower. The Mona Lisa taking my breath away (I'll probably devote an entire post on that moment alone). Best raw food desserts ever (Pure Food and Wine NYC). Talking with models about raw foods (NYC at Pure Takeaway). Music in parks. Go-carts in the park for Eliot (base of the Eiffel Tower). Riding the carousel from 'Amelie'. Cigarette smoke (mostly in London and Paris). Small children with boats at the Jardin des Luxembourg (Paris). Marc by Marc Jacobs in the West Village (NYC). Isabel Marant in Paris. Vivienne Westwood for Melissa green shoes found in NY, on sale! Navigating health food stores in different countries. Sweet girls at the Breakfast Club (London) mixing up a green smoothie for me per my request, love!

2300 photos coming soon.  

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