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What was your worst cooking experience?

i tried to bake an apple pie once and only once. i felt like a huge dork, it was a disaster.

clothes! yesterday i wore my brown strapless susana monaco dress, stripey brown tights from target, creme long sleeved tee layered over the dress, and a brown sweatshirt with a faux fur hood from target and my born platform mary janes.
today:paul frank pink julius sweatshirt and victoria's secret stripey sweats.  

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warning: boring clothing post

today:joe jeans, baby blue tank and puella thermal with a leaves pattern.
yesterday:susana monaco deep purple mini dress, stripey socks and black knee high boots
tuesday:i went for a run with eliot. i wore my stella mccartney runner's top and sweats.
monday:ughhhh, i can't remember!

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