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I made such a great smoothie today. Still swooning tonight so here's the recipe:

2 cups water
1 generous T raw almond butter
2 t cardamom
2 frozen bananas
1 c frozen blueberries
2 generous T cacao
pinch of vanilla liquid stevia
one scoop of Amazing Grass Chocolate Green Superfood
Blend for yummieness!

And then tonight husband brought home a piece of lavendar white chocolate raw vegan cheesecake for me from Prasad. Holy wow. Like eating sweet rich flowers.

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I've been looking for (and been wanting to make) a raw vegan ice cream recipe without coconut meat for awhile. I found this one on and changed it up a bit to suit my taste and what I had on hand. Here's my revision:

Cacao-Mesquite-Banana Ice Cream
*1c cashews soaked for 5 hours
*little less then 1/3c vanilla agave
*few drops vanilla stevia
*3c almond milk (I made a quick nut milk with almond butter, water and vanilla agave)
*2 1/2T cacao
*1 1/2T mesquite
*1t lemon juice
*Pinch pink salt
*2 ripe bananas
*1t lethicin

I blended all the ingredients in my BlendTec and came up with about 30 ounces to pour into containers for the freezer. I had to try it first of course, and it was heavenly! Yum! If I would have blended it just a bit longer I think it would have warmed up and turned into the smoothest hot chocolate in my high-speed blender. Maybe next time cause tonight was to make ice cream!

I stirred it twice before going to bed and this morning, more stirring! Had a little bowl after dinner Sunday night and it was lovely!

 And one more recipe that I love!

Sunday morning smoothie:
one orange
small head of parsley
2 frozen bananas
1T cacao
pinch of cinnamon
few small drops vanilla stevia
1c water
Made 24 oz

And this post just keeps on going. I need to mention three blogs I am Loving right now. In no particular order:
Averie writes this fantastic blog from Arizona with such love, creative recipes and a yoga pose for each day!
Erica loves Pure Food & Wine and One Lucky Duck I think as much as I do! I love that! And her pictures of their food makes me feel like I'm there! Seriously, I would buy them so I could frame them as inspiration in my kitchen.
Gena is honest, lovely and creative and her blog is delicious and informative.

Have a beautiful Monday!

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Inspired by Angela Stokes-Monarch's post (found here: I just created my own superfood ice cream and it is yummy for me! I used:

ice cubes
goji berries
camu camu
almond butter
vanilla creme liquid stevia
pink salt
frozen bananas
Health Force Vitamineral Green powder
Health Force Maca Power
fresh organic blueberries sprinkled on top

Thanks for the inspiration Angela! xoxo

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My healthiest holiday drink ever!

one cup water
one cup frozen mango
one large banana or two small bananas
two tablespoons hemp seeds
two large handfuls of spinach
to your taste: vanilla, nutmeg, cloves, and cinnamon

Blend it all up. Creamy wow!

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