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On June 9 our little boy turns 5! I fall more and more in love with him everyday. He amazes me and makes me laugh.  Tomorrow we leave for a week in California for the Raw Spirit Festival, family fun in Ojai, pool party and Grammie at Gramps' and Disneyland! Cheers to you Eliot!

Two views of his cake from Sweetpea Bakery:

6-1-2009 4-03-37 AM_0071 by waxpancake.

6-1-2009 5-34-53 AM_0102 by waxpancake.

And after party alone time:

6-1-2009 9-17-13 AM_0211 by waxpancake.

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B: smoothie: spinach, water, msm, sun is shining, mango, 1/2 banana, mesquite cacao, and blueberries (aubbie- i made this before our chat!)

40 minutes jumping and dancing to neil diamond with eliot- seriously hilarious!!

L: 2 apples and i thought i'd eat some greens but i was craving the vegan boca pattie i spotted in the freezer. i heated that up with broccoli and peas

ran 4 miles

s: banana, quarter size handful of cacao nibs and small handful of goji berries

went to the park for an hour workout- loads of stairs!!

D: kalga cafe- coconut and mango smoothie and wakame salad. i also had a few bites of andy's green curry.

d: i stopped by the vegan bakery for a treat. i had told myself two days ago that after my tattoo appointment i'd get something sweet but all i wanted to do was go home after my inking! so tonight i brought home a piece of cake. i didn't eat it all- so sorry sweetpea but it wasn't that good.

my legs are going to be sore tomorrow!!

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