Do you have any tattoos? If not, if you were going to get inked, what would you get?

when i was 20 years old i went through the roughest patch with my someday soon to be husband.
i was living in oxnard on the beach in an old house. i rented out the top two floors, my bed felt like it was floating above the sea and the gate outside was filled with old treasures the owner had collected, a mermaid, a smiling buddha, seashells and beads. from the street it appeared magical and i moved in believing i was headed towards happy days. but as it turned out it was my bad luck house,  as quickly as i entered i started sinking and everyone i loved and trusted most were disappearing.

my crazy friend janah came to visit my new magical but ultimately doomed digs, i say 'crazy'
because with janah around everything always became more interesting and fun. i had always wanted a tattoo and dreamt of a pure white daisy below or above my navel. so off janah and i went to spend the day in santa monica and venice. we ended up at andy's tattoo asylum in venice beach. swag, the tattoo artist helped me refine my own drawing of a little purple shadow person with a green heart, or is it the other way around? i can't recall  and i never see it because it's on my back, never the less that is where it is and that is the summer i got it.

years later i asked my husband what he would do if i suddenly died. he answered without too much pause," i would get your tattoo."

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