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  I read a blog by a local shop owner and this week has been terrible for her and her family and friends. One of her friends young children was swimming at a party last Saturday and drowned. This, of course makes me unbearably sad. How does this still happen to so many in backyard pools? At parties? So many question with one reality for that family. So sad.

  Because of the story above I think of my dear childhood friend, Rhonda. Rhonda's family and my family spent summer's and holidays together for the first 5 years of my life, more for my brothers and parents. While my family was intact we had camping trips, New Years bashes, and trips to their beach house. I know both of my parents tried to keep in touch after the divorce but as friendships sometimes do they somehow faded out of our lives. There were still Christmas cards and then an invitation to Rhonda's big sister's wedding.

It was wonderful and weird to see my old friends. We used to sing and dance and be so silly together. Singing Michael Jackson into cassette recorders and getting our faces painted and having the best time at the Puyallup Fair even if it was raining and we were slogging around, comes to mind!

I think I was 18 at the wedding. Rhonda had a new baby boy in her arms and a boyfriend that looked eerily familiar to me (he looked like the boy my mom was desperately trying to keep me away from in high school. I felt sort of a kinship with her that we both had gravitated to this type of boy.)

Sadly, two years later I got a phone call from my mom and I had already had a bad dream about it. Rhonda and two friends had gone rafting, they didn't take life jackets, Rhonda and her new boyfriend were missing.
They had a service for her a few months later. It took that long to find her. They only knew it was her because of her tattoos. I looked at her little boys face as we left the church and I'm embarrassed to admit my audible gasp I gave. What a gorgeous boy who looked just like his mommy.

That was thirteen years ago, this summer. I still long to go back to her parents house at the beach, I think they still live there. After Rhonda's accident I know they thought of selling because the view looked out to where their young daughter passed.

I think of Rhonda mostly as a child now who, from what I heard, tried to see a lot and do a lot while she was here. I think of Rhonda and I feel so fortunate because tomorrow, as they say, is not promised. So I think of her when I'm running fast, when I see tattoos, as I have the privilege to watch my son grow and so much more. She sneaks in a lot so I thought I'd share about her today.

Please wear life jackets, and/or have a life guard. Please please please.

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“I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.” – pablo picasso

the shopping break is going well…now back to food:

B: smoothie- coconut water, acai, 5 oz. of arugula, an orange, two bananas, peaches, blueberries, some agave, and vanilla cream stevia to hide those greens a little more!

L: sushi rolls. i wrapped up carrots, purple cabbage, avocado, red pepper, miso and cucumber in nori. pickled ginger on the side.

walked with eliot to the park today. on the way home he wanted me to carry him, my arms ache. i walked about half a mile with 35 or so pounds on my back. whine. he was just too cute to say no to.

s: smoothie with fruit, veggies and cacao, weird.

thanks gala darling for these super great links!!

this is sweet and sad:

and look i can have lots of tattoos:

D: restaurant- salad and a vegan slice of pizza

d: another restaurant- a vegan chocolate, banana and peanut butter crepe

so, with all the love i have for raw food, why oh why am i going out and eating cooked food? i don't know. i think i'm still experimenting. i don't want to beat myself up but i do feel so much better when i eat raw that eating cooked food makes me feel strange, except for those oatmeal chai blueberry vegan pancakes from the other day- those could be a weekly staple/indulgence. the three of us went out tonight to celebrate hubby's launch of his redesigned blog. and we had a great time. even eliot had cheese pizza tonight and raspberry gelato. then we played connect four, operation and some mouse trap game at the crepery. we came home and eliot insisted we all sit on the floor and play instruments and sing songs. how can i say no, again? what a rough life i have…hehe.

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