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Years ago, I can’t even remember exactly when, I was looking at art on etsy and found work by a girl calling herself The Black Apple. I loved her style, mood, use of color and penchant for portraits. I bought a few prints for hanging in our hallway at that time, which happened to be our first house in Portland. Fast forward to today and I call The Black Apple, Emily and she is a friend. (Life can be lovely like that.) So I wanted to share my love for her work here with a few photos! And to let the Portland peeps who read my blog know about Ms Emily Winfield Martin’s book signing this weekend at Green Bean Books on NE Alberta at 2pm this Sunday February 19th. Hope to see you there! XOXOXOXO


A Black Apple sketch/blank book and her new chapter book, Oddfellow’s Orphanage

Views of their backsides

Eliot’s favorite character at Oddfellow’s

I love these layers and colors. This was a sunny but cold day in Portland a few weeks ago.

2010-01-31 15-27-55 - IMG_4804 by waxpancake.
Rodarte for Target lace printed dress
Prairie Underground red hoodie coat
Forever 21 gray cardigan
Rodarte for Target mustard lace cardigan
A pretty little locket from The Black Apple
Forever 21 boots
And layers!

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