food food food. all i think about is food.

reading john robbins is changing my views on eating and acting compassionatly in our confused world. it's so easy to judge and want to direct others onto the path you see fit. but as we know being bossy does not always yield the intended results. our dream dies because we pushed too hard and asked too much too fast. yes, i'm still talking about food.

if you eat meat and dairy you are setting yourself up for a life of disease. the research has been done. it's simply true.  if you are exersicing and eating a plant-food based diet you have the highest chances of not only feeling happy and healthy but living for a long time in a lean body that is full of energy. cancer, diabetes, heart disease this is the frightening reality for so many. and it's freaking me out. and food is to blame. what? i don't want to believe that eating ice cream and grilled cheese is dangerous, but it is.

now that i have freaked you out and pushed too hard too fast, please read john robbins book, the food revolution. then make up your mind for yourself. you are accountable to you and you only. unless ofcourse you're a parent them i feel even more you should read this book.

*stepping off of soap box*
for now.

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