What do you collect?

1.i'm a big sucker for all things sanrio. primarily hello kitty and chococat. i buy notebooks, bags, wallets, shirts, jewelry and more. it's a problem. i am a grown woman after all. but i enjoy it still.
2.i collect tori amos stuff but not as obsessively as i have in the past. some of my prized collection of tori includes never released photos, they are the 3×5 prints from a photo shoot in studio with michael stipe, a signed little earthquakes promo cassette and a personal message from tori when i met her that she signed on my scarlett's walk map.
3.i love marc jacobs and betsey johnson, i think of my clothes as collections.
4.my fantasy is to have a room with all of my art supplies and crafty crap in it. i get giddy around fabrics and ribbons and other trims. i'd be lost for hours creating and organizing.
5.tom robbins
6*.thomas the tank engine is very big in our house and is beginning to rival all of my collections and my husband's put together.

*technically my son's collection, but we all enjoy it.

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