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I have such a problem. I walk down the lovely tree lined streets here in Portland, and what is my one major thought?: This is not California. Why do I torture myself this way? And then to make matters worse I decide to read my feeds before heading to bed early and one of my favorite singer songwriters, Tom Brosseau has a new post up today. He is living three blocks from where Andy and I used to live in Santa Monica. Pure torture for a girl like me with a longing in her heart for palm trees, window shopping, celebrity watching, sand in the air, jasmine flowers filling me… I could go on and on. I remember before moving from Berkeley to Santa Monica I was scared of the possibilities of being surrounded by fake hair, fake boobs, fake everything. But, I loved it so. ("It looks fake, I like it," from Joe Versus the Volcano.) And I miss my friends, and well… I could go on and on.

Check out Tom's blog if you're interested. He's very talented and heartfelt, my kinda fella:  

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What are the 10 most memorable music performances you've seen? (Remember, "memorable" may not be good.) 
Submitted by Bill

in no particular order…

1. i remember falling asleep at a dinosaur junior show at a club in seattle
2. seeing tori amos for the first time at the moore theater in seattle, little earthquakes era
3. tori again, seeing her with lydia, in seattle and i was just hoping hoping hoping for her to sing "song for eric" she
    pulled it out for the last encore and i cried. and to top it off, the song before my silently requested song was tori's
    cover of "a case of you" by joni mitchell
4. dancing on stage with ben lee at a sf show
5. front row in the pit, tori again, and meeting her after in her dressing room
6. elvis costello  in sf.  wow
7.  tori again in los angeles.  andy and i were in the pit and it was just recently after we had met her and i will swear
     until i die that she spotted us, we had a moment there and she did a small improve and yes, i was weeping, cause  i'm a big dork and felt like it was for me.
8. soundgarden with lydia, ooooooo crazy fun and we went backstage after and got our passes signed
9. rufus wainwright at the fillmore. ben lee opened and i fell in love and rufus was amazing.
10. my countless tori shows are all so special to me, some more than others and really any show at largo in la is so
     andy and i saw louden wainwright there, tom brosseau, bill frisell and andy's been there many more times then

tori's touring again this year! yippee!


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