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last night i practices spinning poi for the first time. i waited until eliot went to bed, turned on my tonya kay "how to spin poi" dvd and put the poi together. i watched the first 15 minutes twice while i tried twirling and spinning, circling and doing a little fancy leg work, ha! this was super fun and challenging. i hit myself in the head, my leg and generally my left hand was not as coordinated as my right, common issue. but i can see myself bringing these outside to my yard, parks and beaches. i demonstrated for andy last night and we were laughing as i started but this morning i showed eliot and he did a beautiful little amazed, "wow". 

so after 30 minutes of spinning i decided to go to bed but it was hard to go sleep. spinning poi felt meditative, freeing and like a workout. my back, right sort of in the middle has a bit of muscle soreness this morning. a really unusual place to feel sore for me. this is a dynamic, interesting, playful way to exercise. hopefully i'll get past bumping my head quickly!

and tonya kay rocks with great instruction and beauty!

spinning poi information:

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How many push-ups can you do?,67984

oh my i love waking up to this! this has been a god month for vegetarians when an athlete like this comes out declaring his change of mind or heart, whichever it was.

and the huge beef recall in california, pay attention people, please please please. it's the meat industry that wants and needs you to believe that you need meat in your diet to be healthy. simply not true.

oh, and my new favorite superhero is tonya kay:

she's a raw vegan!

and as far as the push-ups go, i can do over 100. and i'm vegan, newly almost raw vegan.

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