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I’ve seen Tori Amos on every tour since Little Earthquakes. And 2012 marks the 20th anniversary of that album. So when I heard Tori was playing her Night of Hunters tour in Seattle (I live in Portland) in the middle of December I knew I had to go. But it meant driving from Portland to Seattle in December. ugh. I was worried but bought the tickets any way and arranged to go with one of my sisters. As the day approached I freaked out about the weather, overnighted the tickets to my sis and gave up on seeing her this time out. Cue heartbreak.

The following weekend we just happened to be in southern California and so did Tori! But tickets had been sold out for months. Husband spent time on craiglist trying to find tickets that were reasonable prices and decent seats which proved challenging. Again, I gave up. Then my genius husband decides to check ticketmaster just in case and guess what? We got thirteenth row 4 hours before show time. SO cool. Off we went to dinner at Cafe Gratitude and a memorable show. Her voice is still incredible and I was on the edge of my seat from start to finish. SO grateful!


"Maybe California" ~ Tori Amos

Hey Mrs. C, please don’t jump
why not?
Nothing is making sense anymore to me
I don’t know when I stopped making him smile
Now the kids see me crying all the time

From one mother to the other
They’ll never get over this for their lifetime
All their wishes will be dashed upon those cliffs
so let’s be strong for you and me the night is opening
Our angels are falling and they will warm us
She asked right now right here
I’m feeling so (mad dear)

Maybe California
Maybe California

As mothers we have our troubles
you’ll leave them with emptiness for their lifetime
All their wishes will be dashed upon those cliffs
So let’s be strong you and me the night is opening
Our angels are falling and they will warm us
She asked right now right here
I’m feeling so (mad dear)

Maybe California
Maybe California

Until then there will be starlight shining down
For every tear and every child

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i spent the morning tending to a feverish little pumpkin. eliot still wanted to make almond mylk with me. he said he wanted to make "roseberry" milk. well, i've never seen a roseberry so i told him we didn't have any so he said, "how about strawberry lemon, that sounds really good," so that's what we did, minus the lemon.

i made so much almond mylk that i had enough to make two 32 ounce shakes. strawberry and chocolate banana blueberry mesquite. i couldn't help myself.

B: 2 baby pears while i made 3 smoothies. smoothie: coconut water, italian parsley, collards, cacoa powder, mesquite, soaked chia seeds, a banana, agave, peaches, and cherries. looks like moss, smells like parsley and tastes lovely.

for the past year and a half i've titled my posts with tori amos lyrics and song titles. because i love her and it it was fun. i'm now moving to joni mitchell lyriics and song titles as of yesterday. i hope this doesn't disrupt your life as i make this significant change, hehe!

L: salad: nori, romaine, red bell pepper, lime juice, ginger, avocado, celery and cucumber

s:  blueberry, banana, and chocolate shake

10 minutes practice spinning poi

D: vita cafe take out- cooked food, vegan blt and vegan mac n cheese with steamed broccoli

i'm feeling ill so it's off to bed with me! i'm so bummed! i had such a good 3 mile run last night! i ran faster then my race time!  so feeling sick feels unexpected and annoying.

be well! eat well!



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What are 10 things you've done that other people probably haven't? 
Submitted by Janette.   

1. i married my teenage-hood sweetheart
2. i ran through a graveyard naked
3. i was a clown children actually liked
4. i had 24 hours of natural childbirth and gave birth to Eliot!
5. i'm vegan
6. i danced with Ben Lee on stage
7. i've met tori amos
8. i love boot camp style exercise and getting up early to do it
9. i know what it feels like to fall in love at first site
10.  i've been interviewed  as an expert in the massage and day spa industry
11. i trained a world famous athlete   

this list is hard, i want to do more cool stuff!

am i forgetting more exciting things i've done? anyone?

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Do you own all the albums of any particular musical artist or group? Who?
Submitted by dutterman.

i'd like to find the time to list out my tori amos collection because even though it would take awhile it'd be fun to see it on the screen. my friends and family have given me a hard time for years about all my tori stuff. i've been collecting for 16 years!!  at a tori show in seattle i bought up every t-shirt and accessory they were selling, "one of each," i said. i felt the merch table go quiet for a moment. so silly, but i love it all. i don't purchase every shirt and so on any more however i do grab all the music and dvds.      

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list of tattoos i would've wanted around 8 years old
*a unicorn
*a fairy
*hello kitty
*a rainbow
*a lisa frank image

at 16 years old
*tori amos lyrics
*a shadow person
*a swirly flower
*a butterfly

at 20 years old (when i did decide on that shadow person and heart that is on my left shoulder blade)
*a white daisy
*a butterfly
*a fairy

at 26- when i was really considering it again
*same as at 20

at 32 i really want another tattoo. i want something small and girly. bird, stars, a mermaid, a cupcake. something sweet. i also love the idea of changing my green shadow person tattoo into a green fairy much like the old disney images. i'm open to ideas! anyone?

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What are the 10 most memorable music performances you've seen? (Remember, "memorable" may not be good.) 
Submitted by Bill

in no particular order…

1. i remember falling asleep at a dinosaur junior show at a club in seattle
2. seeing tori amos for the first time at the moore theater in seattle, little earthquakes era
3. tori again, seeing her with lydia, in seattle and i was just hoping hoping hoping for her to sing "song for eric" she
    pulled it out for the last encore and i cried. and to top it off, the song before my silently requested song was tori's
    cover of "a case of you" by joni mitchell
4. dancing on stage with ben lee at a sf show
5. front row in the pit, tori again, and meeting her after in her dressing room
6. elvis costello  in sf.  wow
7.  tori again in los angeles.  andy and i were in the pit and it was just recently after we had met her and i will swear
     until i die that she spotted us, we had a moment there and she did a small improve and yes, i was weeping, cause  i'm a big dork and felt like it was for me.
8. soundgarden with lydia, ooooooo crazy fun and we went backstage after and got our passes signed
9. rufus wainwright at the fillmore. ben lee opened and i fell in love and rufus was amazing.
10. my countless tori shows are all so special to me, some more than others and really any show at largo in la is so
     andy and i saw louden wainwright there, tom brosseau, bill frisell and andy's been there many more times then

tori's touring again this year! yippee!


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