If you loved me I would stay and stay and stay
Since you don't show me I want to be away away away
So very many rainy days days days

It's May
Time to manifest
Great plans
Grand places
In my heart
And where we plant our toes
And run our races
And dream our dreams

If you knew me you'd see see see
Since you don't you won't be be be
So very loved by me me me

Today's post brought to you by excessive Sugar & bad Poetry = PMS

20 ounces water

B: oatmeal with 2 chocolate squares, one banana, blueberries and cherries

L: banana, raw vegan cacao mint ice cream with chocolate zucchini bundt cake from Back to Eden

S: banana, couple raw crackers from Yummy Tummy

D: At Miso Sushi- 3 kinds of veggie rolls, ginger, wasabi and cucumber salad

S: Little tiny raw vegan "burger" patty from Yummy Tummy- very tasty. A few bites of pumpkin whoopie pie from Back to Eden. Some white rose kombucha from Townsend's. I love the rose kombucha.

Happy Monday night to you! xoxo 


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