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Workout- about 40 minutes of…

one session

And Tracy AndersonMethod for legs, abs and arms- 40 reps each. Ending with 50 plie squats


Post workout drink:

one c water

4 big handfuls of spinach

some frozen pineapple

one frozen banana

splash of vanilla &




1 hour and 16 minutes workout today!

Eliot joined me for a bit by putting on boxing gloves, hanging on my weird pull up station (he took off the gloves!), making obstacles and then trying to give me kisses while I was on my bike trainer.

Today I did bike trainer intervals, yoga, light weights, ab work, Tracy Anderson Method arms and legs and 50 plie squats.

Post-workout shake: water, VegaOne chocolate, cacao, cacao nibs, pineapple and bananas.

Workout 60 minutes:

A workout

Tracy Anderson Method legs, abs and arms- 40 reps of every exercise

Hula hooping


55 minute workout

20 minutes on bike trainer

35 minute Tracy Anderson Method arms, abs and legs. Mixed in 100 jumping jacks, 100 jump ropes, plank holds, plank cross overs and standing abs.

*Extra* 5 minutes of seated meditation.

50 minute workout

20 minutes on bike trainer- steady fast pace

100 jumping jacks

Tracy Anderson Method legs, abs and arms- 40 reps of every exercise.

Now time for a Vega bar & coconut water, please!


43 minute workout

warm up with plie squats, jumping jacks, lunges, knee raises with a twist

kettlebell swings, bird dogs, bridges The One That Got Away workout

Tracy Anderson Method arms, abs, legs and more arms

yoga stretches including shoulder stand & plow


Vega time!

One hour workout

Today was a mish mash of anything and everything I felt like doing. I was extremely sore after my stair workout which tells me I must do stairs more often. I must I must I must. So today was squats, pushups, lifted dumbbells, hula hoop, Tracy Anderson Method, sun salutations, and loads other randomness… see I told you- MISH MASH.



Go get sweaty!

34 minute workout

warm up with skaters, jumping jacks, high knees

Cardio/strength combo: jump squats, jumping jacks, stability ball planks, stability ball jack knifes – Found here:

Bodyrocktv Hard Bodies Workout

Tracy Anderson Method mini sets of arms, abs & legs

Stretches: upward dog & downward dog

I wore an extra layer today and boy did I sweat for it! Love it and I’m beat!

40 minutes

Butt Fat Melt Down workout on

Series of jumping jacks, plie squats, knee raise twists and side kicks

Tracy Anderson Method legs, abs and arms. I added weights to the arm portion today! It burns!

35 minutes workout + 45 minutes yoga

Hot Beastie Workout on

Tracy Anderson abs & arms

And 3 sets of these booty exercises:

Yoga on yogaglo with Kathryn Budig

Vega shake time!