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Tweets from last night:

2 weeks into my 8 hour diet experiment, fasting until dinner Mondays & Fridays. Told myself I’d go until the end of the 30th but hating it. (oops! I meant the end of the month or April 30th! But whatever, it’s twitter- no going back!)
And absolutely having a love/hate thing happening with drinking coffee everyday too. Strange stuff, caffeine.
So yes, two weeks and two tweets to share; a few pounds down and feeling strangely leaner then the scale says. I didn’t tell my husband I was doing this and he even noticed the new leanness and tightness which is nice but does it mean I want to continue? hmmmm. I’m no quitter but fasting until dinner twice a week is getting borrrrrring. The sun is out, I want to run to and from the gym and on fasting days it is so challenging!! And maybe not the greatest idea. Alright, I just decided. I’m going to remain disciplined and see it through one more week. Hope I don’t pass out during crossfit! Perhaps I should up the caffeine? Maybe a side effect is rambling? Yes, a definite side effect is rambling.
See you on this topic next week.

I tweeted this last night: ***Holding a space. For forgiveness, gifts, hope, time, prayer and love.*** And this morning this song came on my little ipod shuffle and it sums up how I've been feeling: unfolding.

Unfold by Jason Mraz

Hands in Line
Arms close to my side
I'm fighting tides
Of an ocean's undertow
And I figure that I might not make it
I'm taking empty but seldom speaking
And the words retreat
Yeah, they breath in histories
Still at ease
And the story's untold
And my arms unfold

My hands are high
And I'm holding on, I'm holding out
And i figure that i
Figure that I just might make it
And I'm waking empty but seldom sleeping
And the words repeat breathing histories
Into stories untold but I unfold

See now quality is what you see now
In the corner of your eye
And don't be surprised
If you hear the bells ring
As they form from the sky
They sound bong, bong, bong, bong, ba da
Yea yea bong, bong, bong,bong ba da yea, yea

And I'm always holding on
And I'm already holding out
Said I'm holding out your side
And I'm holding out this time
Cause I figure that I, and I figure that I
Just might make it and I'm
Waking empty but seldom sleeping
And the words repeat breathing histories untold
But I unfold

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Super snowy Christmas morning for us. We always celebrate a little early, before we head to southern California for the holidays. Eliot opened all his presents with an empty belly and so by the time he was finished he was starving and a bit teary. He quickly recovered and has been playing happily with all of his goodies. He just now came up to the couch to hug me and say merry Christmas Mommy. Ahhh, lovely morning.

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