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Husband's birthday is today and per his birthday wishes we've been going out every night this week for dinner. He didn't want any pressies just lots of food. So here are some of my going out clothes with the hubby and child from this week. Good times. (Actually began last Saturday- I'll do another post with all the PDX restaurants we've visited!)

2010-04-17 21-23-57 - IMG_5843 by waxpancake.
2010-04-17 21-24-53 - IMG_5846 by waxpancake.

2010-04-17 21-28-25 - IMG_5860 by waxpancake.Stella McCartney for Gap ruffled top
Tarina Tarantino pink necklace
Urban Outfitters layered long sleeves underneath
Target plaid skirt
Target deep green tights
Sock Dreams striped pink socks
ModCloth white boots

2010-04-20 19-11-16 - IMG_5943 by waxpancake.
2010-04-20 19-10-44 - IMG_5941 by waxpancake.

2010-04-20 19-11-44 - IMG_5945 by waxpancake.
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Mixie dress
Target black tights
Nordstrom green pom pom socks
Forever 21 boots
Lululemon black hoodie

2010-04-20 21-31-23 - IMG_5952 by waxpancake.
2010-04-20 21-33-52 - IMG_5956 by waxpancake.
2010-04-20 21-34-08 - IMG_5957 by waxpancake.
Gap black blazer
Forever 21 black lace and grey dress
Tarina heart necklace- again!
Target pink tights
Sock Dreams flowery knee highs
Fluevog heels

2010-04-21 22-34-31 - IMG_5963 by waxpancake.
Little black dress I bought online somewhere
Lululemon leggings
Target argyle knee highs
Black heeled boots by Aerosole

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My mother in law is so very generous and has bought me some beautiful things from Hidden Treasures in Topanga Canyon, California. She brought me the dress below when she visited on Easter weekend. I costumed it up quite a bit on the first wear but I think I'll do something cleaner and more simple next time I wear it. It was really cold outside!

2010-04-09 20-20-29 - IMG_5642 by waxpancake.
Hidden Treasures dress
Rodarte for Target faux fur shrug
Urban Outfitters black thermal top
Jcrew blue fabric flower belt
Anthropologie floral necklace
Forever 21 black boots
My grandma Amelia's white gloves

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Birthday plans for Thursday February 12. May have to do some of this on Valentine's Day cause the list is too long!

*Pie – to look at vegan footwear.
*Sephora – to smell perfumes.
*Blossoming Lotus – to eat raw vegan food.
*Yummy Tummy – for more raw vegan food.
*Free People – to try on pretty clothes in their equally pretty dressing rooms.
*Seaplane – cause it's next to Free People. Clothes are really expensive here but handmade and gorgeous to admire.
*Anthropologie – love it and I've got a gift card. Thanks Toni and Michael!
*Urban Outfitters – I love their new heart shaped mixing bowls.
*boot camp at the gym – cause I like to sweat and it's my birthday.
*Stella McCartney for Adidas – oh, yeah there's no where to buy it in Portland. blech.
*Lululemon – love this store too. Best pants and jackets to work out in even if their design turnover is way too fast for my taste.
*Yoga class – a nice way to start the day. If I don't go to a class I'll at least spend some time when I wake up doing sun salutations and more.
*Laurelhurst Park – for a walk if it's not too cold.
*Sock Dreams – duh!
*Xtabay – because it's fun to look.

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today is my birthday, and i work my birthday pretty hard and draw it out as long as possible. and try to get as much loot as possible. it's sort of obnoxious, i know. so here's my haul:

*melissa shoes, brilliant platform rubber dreams i tried them on at seaplane today and they didn't have my size so i just grabbed them (on sale) from!
*red mary janes, 2 different kinds. i have a big love for red at the moment.
*anthropologie- 2 dresses and a pair of bloomers
*blendtec blender from husband!
*bird necklace from husband!
*tickets to see elizabeth gilbert speak from husband!
*a louise hay book, cook books, an apron, and baking goodies!
*del forte jeans ( i bought these for myself over a month ago. i warned you i draw it out).
* raw foods and ingredients
*lunch at blossoming lotus
*dinner at nutshell
*urban outfitters- 2 t-shirts
*3 kinds of vegan cupcakes!!!
*my son saying he loved me bunches today.
*lots of sweet phone calls today.

thank you everyone yummy in my life! i love you loads! thanks for spoiling me!

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Tell us about a lesson you had to learn the hard way.

i think i once heard someone say when someone shows you who they are believe them. lesson learned over and over again. details aren't even necessary. and it's an ongoing lesson, because i can't help but hope.

clothing: today i wore my emerge kindness heals orange top. yesterday i wore my new h&m dress. it was only $12.99, andy said, money well spent, he liked it a lot. sunday i wore my urban outfitters please don't eat me tee that has a pig on it. saturday i wore stuff i've worn before.  

side note: i watched 'this american life' on showtime on sunday night, so i don't know when it originally aired, but the crew was on a pig farm. a factory, rather. the sound guy was so horrified by what he saw that at the program end the voice over announced he hadn't had meat since they filmed. the truth is powerful and can be life altering.

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If you could pick a cartoon world to live in, which would it be?  Why?
Submitted by Scio, Scio.

how about the cartoon sequence in the 1980 film, xanadu. this way i could become a fairy, a bird and a fish.

clothes: tops i've worn lately, my owl tank, fruit stripes top from anthropologie, it must be love tee by amy tangerine, pink angel tee from urban outfitters, greyish v-neck tee from old navy… i'm sure i'll think of more later.

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Girl, boy, game you should have won, job you should have gotten…tell us about one that got away. 
Submitted by Phil.

i always get everything i want. i've always thought that way and will continue to. if it has somehow slipped by i guess i didn't truly want it.

clothes! wednesday i wore a betsey johnson white eyelet jacket, a black cotton ruffle top, a butterfly skirt and green platform borns. thursday was a pajamas clean up the house day. while cleaning out my closet i realized i've worn a couple tees and they haven't been noted so i must list my vegetarians have more fun tee from urban outfitters and ny love love love tee from delia's.

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