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one hour at PlantFit. We did kettlebell swings, box jumps-burpees, rowing machine, jump rope, battle rope and more.

Recovery shake: Vitamineral Green powder, VegaOne chocolate powder, blueberries and water.

Workout #1:

45 minutes at PlantFit:

20 squat cleans

40 burpees

60 sit-ups

80 lunges

100 double unders (or 300 jump-ropes)

Post-workout shake was INCREDIBLE! I found it here: and I added spinach and a little chocolate flavored VegaOne.

Workout #2:

45 minutes on my bike trainer

Post-workout: the rest if that delicious shake!


Pre-workout snacks: 2 hours before: Green tea. 45 minutes before: half a banana and a dark chocolate square. 20 minutes before: Vega Pre-Workout Energizer.

Ran to PlantFit. We did thrusters and knees to elbows. Jumped rope. Did a personal best in pull-ups! 10 pull-ups on the black thin band. Chatted at Herbivore and ran home.

Post-workout: VegaOne in chocolate with water, banana and cardamom.



One hour at Plantfit. Ed had me do rope climb (modified), bear crawls, muscle progression on the rings, burpees with box jumps and kettlebells.

My go to recovery shake: water, Vega One in chocolate, a little cacao nibs, one frozen banana and cardamomyummmmmmmmm.


One hour at Plantfit. We did the row machine, push-ups, hammers, lunges with weight, squats and ropes. Tirrrrrrreeeeeedd. Drinking Vega now.


one hour at PlantFit. We did burpees or runs (I chose burpees), kettekbell swings and pull-ups.

Recovery snack: a chocolate coconut Vega protein bar.


30 minutes yoga on yogaglo with Kathryn Budig: Have Fun Morning Flow

20 minutes, 5 sets of tabata: jumping jacks, mountain climbers, kettlebell swings, squats and jump rope

6 minutes meditation

Today’s vegan recovery/lunch shake: Vega One (chocolate), cacao nibs, one frozen banana, handful of frozen blueberries, cardamom, water and spinach.


One hour at PlantFit

Came home and made a drink with homemade raw vegan almond milk, the rest of my Vega pre-workout energizer drink (which I had made with coconut juice) and a full scoop of chocolate Sun Warrior. yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.


60 minutes at PlantFit where Ed tried to kill me. Just kidding. I got so tired that I *almost* saw stars. Ed laughed.

Now I’m drinking a crazy smoothie: almost 2 cups water, one tablespoon cacao, one scoop chocolate vega powder, two small frozen bananas, handful frozen blueberries, head of parsley, vanilla and cardamom. I love cardamom.

50 minute workout

20 minutes on bike trainer- steady fast pace

100 jumping jacks

Tracy Anderson Method legs, abs and arms- 40 reps of every exercise.

Now time for a Vega bar & coconut water, please!