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When Vegan Cuts announced their Beauty Box this summer I read it on twitter first thing in the morning and literally jumped out of bed to subscribe! So let me tell you about this treasure box that comes to your door once a month for $19.95 (with at least a $40 value- what!?!).

♥ Fact: something in this box will become your new favorite go-to product. A big standout for me is Relogy. Their targeted acne spot treatment is so fantastic that I’ll definitely be purchasing it again when I run out of my FULL SIZE sample that was in the beauty box!!

♥ I’ve tried lotions I never would have tried because maybe I thought citrus scented wasn’t for me but oh my the lotion is so creamy and wonderful and perfect that yes I want more and I’d buy it for loved ones!

♥ Some things I know are adorable but won’t use I’ve passed on to friends and guess what, they totally love me even more now.

♥  A lovely postcard is in each box listing what’s included- adorable!

♥ For me, November’s shining star is Medusa’s Makeup – a gorgeous, super fine glitter combo foundation, shimmer and blush in Healthy (psst- Vegan Cuts, if you can carry all the colors I think I’d buy them all because I’m in love)!

♥ Guaranteed no animals harmed, the best of the best makeup, nail polish, lotion, hair care, deodorant, skin care, lip balm (omg I got a peanut butter one from my first beauty box by Fanciful Fox that I love!), and more. The gift that keeps on giving!

Go vegan on your beautiful body!


p.s. Vegan Cuts also has the best customer service because for November they sent me the Beauty Box for my subscription plus a bonus one to review! So I passed the love onto my girlfriends to enjoy my extras! xxxxxxoooooo


This is Luiz and his mom in conversation about the food she’s just given him. Luiz is wonderful.

Luiz- That’s ok?

Mom- Ok… Now eat your octopus gnocchi.

Luiz- Ok Mom, alright. This octopus isn’t real, right?

Mom- No.

Luiz- Then, alright. He doesn’t speak and he doesn’t have a head, right?

Mom- He doesn’t have a head. These are only the chopped little legs of the octopus.

Luiz- huh? But his head is in the sea?

Mom- It is at the fish market.

Luiz- The man chopped it? Like this?

Mom- Yes, he did.

Luiz- Why?

Mom- So we can eat it. Otherwise we’d have to swallow it all.

Luiz- But why?

Mom- So we can eat it, love. Just like a cow is chopped, a chicken is chopped…

Luiz- Ah… the chicken. Nobody eats chicken.

Mom- Nobody eats chicken?

Luiz- No, those are animals!

Mom- Really?

Luiz- Yeah!

Mom- So let’s eat the gnocchi? Eat the potato then?

Luiz- Just the potato and just the rice.

Mom- Ok.

Luiz- Octopus are animals.

Mom- Alright.

Luiz- All of them are animals. Fish are animals. Octopus are animals. Chicken are animals. Cows are animals. Pigs are animals.

Mom- yeah.

Luiz- So when we eat animals, they die!

Mom- ah. yeah.

Luiz- Why?

Mom- So we can eat, love.

Luiz- Why do they die? I don’t like that they die. I like that they stay standing up.

Mom- Ok. Alright. So we’re not gonna eat it anymore, ok?

Luiz- Ok!

Luiz- These animals, you gotta take care of them and not eat them!

Mom- You’re right, son. So eat the potato and rice.

Luiz- Alright. Why are you crying?

Mom- I’m not crying. I’m just touched by you.

Luiz- I’m doing something beautiful.

Mom- Eat. No need to eat the octopus, alright?

Luis- Ok!


Magic. Kids know what’s right. And that feels like heart exploding magic and logic all at once.


Being vegan in Hawaii is well, of course very awesome. Tropical sunshine, fruits, and paradise. Here are some photos from our January 2013 trip to Maui.

While everyone else at the hotel buffet was piling up the eggs & bacon I got strange looks for going back for three plates of papaya.


This salad was on the menu but had steak on top. Asked to leave it off and voila, being vegan is easy.


Thai lettuce with tofu build it yourself wraps. If I build it I can eat it.


Snack on the beach. That’s my husband’s soda. Soda’s not my thing.


Lilikoi fruit raw vegan cheesecake. I still dream about this.


Coconut based vegan ice cream on the road to Hana.

Maui, I’ll love you forever and ever.




In the fall I wore a dress from Target, coat from Vaute Couture, Hunter boots, J Crew tights and gloves. Marc by Marc Jacobs bunny iphone case.

In the winter on the beach in Hawaii. Bikini from Victoria’s Secret.
Also in winter dress from Anthropologie, Dr.Marten’s vegan shoes, J Crew tights and Target striped t.

I love to experiment on myself with new workouts, new foods and new ways of eating. I’ve done and do variations of running (marathon and race training as well as just general jogging), yoga, Tracy Anderson Method, Crossfit, boot camps (indoor and outdoor), dance, P90X and more. I’m always vegan so where I play there is with fasting, juicing, smoothies, raw foods and so on. And now for my new month of April challenge! 16/8 or the 8 hour diet! Which means I’ve started drinking coffee! Eep!

So 16/8 is when you fast each day on water, coffee and/or tea for 16 hours out of the day and eat for 8 hours. I’m also liquid fasting for about 24 hours every Monday and Friday of April. My goals are always generally the same- how will my energy for workouts fair and how will my clothes fit. I also weigh in daily to track my progress. I write down everything I eat and the workouts I do. The first week I went to my Crossfit gym, Plantfit 6 days in a row. I’m sure I’m not doing the purest version of 16/8 and I’m pretty sure it’s popular in the paleo community but I’m vegan and do it vegan style! Today is day eight of 16/8, my third fasting day as I started this self-imposed challenge on April 8. I’ll post my findings at the end of the month!

So far, I like Stumptown cold brew coffee. I buy it at Food Fight here in Portland in an adorable little glass bottle and one can last me about two days.






Who remains unharmed

With the food that’s dead

and killing you?

I can’t be and won’t be replaced

Will you?

People dine in mortuaries

You’re the gatekeeper

Cemetery body

Fleshy body

Protruding stomach

Guts stretched thin to pop

Heart pumping

extra! extra! extra!

Trying to keep up with the poison

you call food

Sweaty forehead

Salivating tongue


and your eyes, blood, skin

run out of room

Fresh meat

no no no

Dead flesh

rotten flesh

Decomposing in you

Bile and waste of

A cow

A horse

A fish

A pig

A hen

A duck

becomes your waste and your waist

Your hair is falling out

Your hands shake

You can’t feel or see your feet

Your body works so hard it can’t sleep

Are you in your body?

Feel yourself for once


Feel beyond yourself


One hour at PlantFit

One hour of yoga on

Before and after I ate my new favorite bowl of delciousness from which has pumpkin, rolled oats, chocolate chips and protein powder and more. YUM ALL DAY.

Later on in the day I did some playground gymnastics!

Happy Saturday!



30 minutes on my bike trainer- steady pace

60 minutes at PlantFit- front squats, push ups, sit ups.

I made a recipe from today that knocked me into a happy place. I made a variation on her Pumped Up Protein Pumpkin Cookie Dough. 

Check it.




One hour of yoga on for Kathryn Budig’s class: Boat Pose Variations & Navasana

Vegan Smoothie: water, Vitamineral Green powder, banana, mango, blueberries, cacao nibs, Sun Warrior powder in chocolate, maca and almond butter.

One hour at Plantfit

Recovery drink/meal until dinner:

frozen broccoli


a date

frozen bananas

frozen blueberries



hemp seeds

half an avocado

And Blend!