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About 55 minutes total.

30 minutes of yoga on for the Psoas Flow class with Kathryn Budig.

25 minutes of Tracy Anderson legs, abs and arms.

Post-workout drink: I am loving my vanilla chai VegaOne, cacao, frozen bananas, blueberries, spinach and water. SO GOOD!


One hour at PlantFit. Muscle ups, running, played on the rings, hang cleans and squats.

Recovery drink: VegaOne vanilla chai, water, one frozen banana, little cacao and packed the rest of the blender with spinach!


One hour at PlantFit. Kettlebells, pull-ups, sit-ups and squats.

The sun is bright and if I can sneak in a run across a bright PDX bridge today I just might go for it!

Post-workout drink: VegaOne in chocolate, spinach, water, frozen bananas and blueberries.


21 minutes: 3 sets of 2 combos including jumping jacks, push ups, burpees and more. Tabata mountain climbers and 300 ab variations.

45 minutes yoga “Cross Training for Runners” on with Tiffany Cruikshank

Delicious recovery shake: homemade raw vegan almond banana milk, VegaOne in chai flavor, cacao powder, spinach, parsley and blueberries.


60 minutes at Plantfit

Best recovery shake ever: cashew butter, VegaOne chocolate, cacao, loads of spinach and a little cinnamon blended with water.


One hour at PlantFit: 800 meter runs, pull ups, pistol squats, handstand push ups.

35 minutes (I think) run-jog-walk across a beautiful bridge in a sunny city.

Recovery drink: VegaOne chocolate, blueberries, banana, spinach, water and cardamom. Later I made and enjoyed a little simple burrito as sort of my small nod to Caballo Blanco. I thought of him on my run in the sunshine. With gratitude and a light, easy and smooth run. My heart goes out to Micah True and all who loved him. If you have no idea what I’m talking about please use the google. xo

So I thought today would be my day to dive into regular blogging but I think instead that the “everyday-ness” of this blog has now morphed into sharing my workouts and maybe a recipe or hopefully an inspiring recipe idea? Every now and then I think I’ll post a poem, a photo heavy outfit post, maybe a product review and maybe a delicious story about Eliot. Everything is always changing… Here we go!




one hour at PlantFit. Deadlifts, toes to bar, kettelbells and more.

Recovery shake: head of parsley, bananas, blueberries, VegaOne chocolate, cacao, cardamom and water. Parsley is amazing in shakes, don’t be shy if you have a powerful blender your drink won’t be chewy it’ll just be delicious!


1 hour and 16 minutes workout today!

Eliot joined me for a bit by putting on boxing gloves, hanging on my weird pull up station (he took off the gloves!), making obstacles and then trying to give me kisses while I was on my bike trainer.

Today I did bike trainer intervals, yoga, light weights, ab work, Tracy Anderson Method arms and legs and 50 plie squats.

Post-workout shake: water, VegaOne chocolate, cacao, cacao nibs, pineapple and bananas.

So it’s Spring Break and my posts this week will just be workouts! Let’s cross our fingers for sunshine!!

Today’s workout:

60 minutes at PlantFit with Ed Bauer

Recovery drink: loads and loads of spinach, VegaOne chai flavor, cacao, blueberries, bananas and water. This is a favorite for sure.



one hour at PlantFit

recovery drink: water, VegaOne chocolate, SunWarrior chocolate and a few frozen raspberries.