Since Vida Vegan Con last week I’ve been talking with anyone and everyone who was interested in talking about body image and self-love. The two panels I went to which propelled me were Sensitivity & Trigger Words on Saturday May 25 with Gena Hamshaw, Chelsea Lincoln, and Gabrielle Pope and Body Image Acceptance & Veganism on Sunday May 26 with Laura Beck, Chelsea Lincoln, Gabrielle Pope, Nicole Sopko, and Michele Truty.

I took notes and I’ve listened to other’s struggles and often when I’m nearing a place where words get lost I turn to writing poetry. Did I lose you? No! Wait! Come back! Stay! Read! Please! I really really hope you like it.


A nail

You locate

So hard on yourself

Think the thoughts about yourself

That’d you never dream of saying to someone you love

Where is your reach

When it discounts you?

If you love you love you love you

It shows.

Tough as a black booted uniform on your heart

this has no use

Throw it away

Don’t map it out so you can find it again

When your road is so rough that your spirit fragments

Whose love will bring you back?

Not hers, not his

Only yours



Welcome home

Don’t get lost

Welcome yourself home

In gratitude

There’s always been a beacon


North Star

Search lights

Inside of you

A twirling beautiful soft cool warm joyful calm happy sweet safe loving place

All yours

To navigate.


Much love and big hugs from me to you and from you to yourself,