More Raw Spirit Festie photos:

I love Pure Joy Planet! Here's Elaina Love's booth and her food demo:

6-6-2009 2-24-56 PM_0048 by waxpancake.

6-6-2009 3-32-43 PM_0061 by waxpancake.
Delicious Vivapura. I bough their bee pollen and lucuma:

6-6-2009 2-15-20 PM_0044 by waxpancake.

6-6-2009 2-24-02 PM_0047 by waxpancake.
I love Cafe Gratitude's design, philosophy and all. And their food knocks my socks off!

6-6-2009 2-33-59 PM_0054 by waxpancake.

6-6-2009 2-34-22 PM_0055 by waxpancake.
Gratitude's hoodie:

6-6-2009 2-35-51 PM_0056 by waxpancake.
Renegade Health Show's RV, the Kale Whale:

6-6-2009 2-22-36 PM_0045 by waxpancake.
Cathy Slivers with happy eaters!

6-6-2009 3-34-48 PM_0062 by waxpancake.
Some of the food I ate, a shake from Gratitude, nori wrap from Elaina, and Henry's ice cream!

6-6-2009 3-55-30 PM_0063 by waxpancake.

Next up, my view of the durian eating contest between Matt Monarch and David Wolfe hosted by Cathy Silvers!

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