What are your favorite weird food combinations?
Submitted by Dulce.

i've mentioned here before that i eat oatmeal with dark chocolate in it every single morning. i also add ground flax seed meal and usually some fruit. a banana or heated berries. this is a heavenly meal.

i also love to make a mess of greens in a pot. i love collards, kale, chard, and spinach with cannellini beans, red pepper, broccoli, garlic and whatever else sounds good at the moment. my sister liked it when i made it for her, but andy not so much.

outfit for today is my seven dojo jeans, again! a white thermal layerd under a bold orange and white striped short sleeved cashmere sweater, a thick chunky orange scarf with a pink, yellow and white argyle design, and orange and white jon fluevog shoes.

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