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Happy last day of April! Yesterday I swam even though it was supposed to be a day off from working out and this morning I hiked in the most vicious mud with my son’s second grade class. But none of this stopped me from enjoying and pushing myself hard at PlantFit for one hour tonight.

Post-workout recovery drink: Mango kombucha. ahhhhhhhhhh


One hour at PlantFit. Muscle ups, running, played on the rings, hang cleans and squats.

Recovery drink: VegaOne vanilla chai, water, one frozen banana, little cacao and packed the rest of the blender with spinach!

Workout #1:

45 minutes at PlantFit:

20 squat cleans

40 burpees

60 sit-ups

80 lunges

100 double unders (or 300 jump-ropes)

Post-workout shake was INCREDIBLE! I found it here: and I added spinach and a little chocolate flavored VegaOne.

Workout #2:

45 minutes on my bike trainer

Post-workout: the rest if that delicious shake!


one hour at PlantFit!