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One hour at PlantFit

One hour of yoga on

Before and after I ate my new favorite bowl of delciousness from which has pumpkin, rolled oats, chocolate chips and protein powder and more. YUM ALL DAY.

Later on in the day I did some playground gymnastics!

Happy Saturday!



30 minutes on my bike trainer- steady pace

60 minutes at PlantFit- front squats, push ups, sit ups.

I made a recipe from today that knocked me into a happy place. I made a variation on her Pumped Up Protein Pumpkin Cookie Dough. 

Check it.




One hour of yoga on for Kathryn Budig’s class: Boat Pose Variations & Navasana

Vegan Smoothie: water, Vitamineral Green powder, banana, mango, blueberries, cacao nibs, Sun Warrior powder in chocolate, maca and almond butter.


30 minute Hanumanasana Tutorial class with Kathryn Budig on

One hour at PlantFit!

Smoothie of the day: Spirulina-Tahini Milk (homemade)-Spinach-Banana-Date-Peanut Butter-VegaOne chocolate

Smoothie of the night: Ginger-Coconut Oil-Spinach-Pineapple-Strawberry-Mango-Water-Banana-Amazing Grass Chocolate Powder


Build Heat With Standing Sequences- 20 minutes of yoga with Kathryn Budig on

10 minutes of pull ups, toes to bar and general fun on the playground bars and rings after Eliot got out of school. 🙂


One hour at Plantfit

Recovery drink/meal until dinner:

frozen broccoli


a date

frozen bananas

frozen blueberries



hemp seeds

half an avocado

And Blend!


One hour at PlantFit

Then! A FIVE hour walk with my family from our house, across one bridge, downtown, across another bridge and home. An enormous city circle on foot in the sunshine!


45 minutes total.

20 minutes on bike trainer. Kettlebell tabata, jump rope tabata, ab work and arm work with light weights.


One hour at Plantfit. 800 meter run, 50 pull ups, 100 push ups, 150 squats, 800 meter run. Plus warm up and a little play time after wards!

Workout- one hour of yoga

I made this delicious-ness for the husband today:

one c vanilla almond milk

few frozen peaches

handful frozen strawberries

one banana

about half a cup (didn’t measure!) of rolled oats

Blend! SO Good!

************I wanted to drink it but I handed it over to him for brekkie!