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One hour at PlantFit

One hour of yoga on

Before and after I ate my new favorite bowl of delciousness from which has pumpkin, rolled oats, chocolate chips and protein powder and more. YUM ALL DAY.

Later on in the day I did some playground gymnastics!

Happy Saturday!



One hour of yoga with Kathryn Budig on yogaglo: Playing With Handstand and Sun Salutations.

I also made raw vegan cashew-tahini-banana green milk today. Here’s the recipe:

3 c water

1 1/2 T raw cashew butter

1 1/2 T raw tahini

2 dates

little vanilla

one banana

1 T Vitamineral Green powder

Blend! And drink! Makes over 4 large servings of yum!


Yoga: 60 minutes Arm Pressure Balance Flow on with Kathryn Budig

3 minutes of 3 plank variations

10 minute meditation

Recovery shake: oats, cacao, VegaOne chocolate, coconut oil, peanut butter, banana, water and frozen blueberries.

Sunday workouts:

20 minutes Quick Flow & Go with Kathryn Budig on

10 minutes on bike trainer


30 minutes Have Fun Morning Flow on yogaglo with Kathryn Budig

15 minutes Upward Facing Bow Pose Tutorial also on yogaglo with Kathryn Budig

12 minutes on bike trainer

60 minutes at PlantFit. We did kettlebell swings, push press, box jumps and more!


45 minutes yoga on yogaglo with Kathryn Budig: Eka Pada Bakasana Flow with extra 5 minutes meditation


30 minutes yoga on yogaglo with Kathryn Budig: Have Fun Morning Flow

20 minutes, 5 sets of tabata: jumping jacks, mountain climbers, kettlebell swings, squats and jump rope

6 minutes meditation

Today’s vegan recovery/lunch shake: Vega One (chocolate), cacao nibs, one frozen banana, handful of frozen blueberries, cardamom, water and spinach.