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Today’s workout:

4 minute warmup

11 minutes 15 seconds to do 800 rep workout

One hour of yoga: You Are Strong, Flexible and Hip with Kathryn Budig on yogaglo

54 minute workout:

warmup: squat variations, lunge variations, dynamic stretches

40 bridges

40 birddogs

50 kettlebell swings

75 burpees

3 minutes hula hooping

300 jumps – jumping rope

Tracy Anderson legs sequence

Serious Abs video: 20 minutes with Kathryn Budig on yogaglo


38 minute workout:

3 minute warm up

12 minute Hot Body On Me workout on bodyrocktv

20 minutes Core Flow with Kathryn Budig on Yogaglo

few minutes of plow pose, shoulder stand and tripod headstand

60 minutes total

morning: 30 minutes trampoline bouncing-jumping-dancey-silly-sweaty

afternoon: 30 minutes yoga: Energizing Flow with Kathryn Budig on yogaglo. I think this is my favorite class on yogaglo and that being said I hope they never take it down. I love it!

60 minutes workout

30 minutes jumping on the mini trampoline. And I mean big jumping! Aggressive! Crazy! Sweaty! haha

30 minutes yoga with Kathryn Budig on yogaglo.

Today’s workout:

30 minutes total

20 minutes of yoga with Kathryn Budig on yogaglo called Quick Flow & Go

10 minutes strength: curls, over head press, kettlebell swings, bicycle curls, plank twists, fire hydrants, tricep press, chest press, knee raises and plie squats