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10 ounces water

B: big handful of chorella nuts and a bowl with a banana, blueberries, raw vegan cacao sauce and a sprinkle of maca

10 minute treadmill warm up- 5 min 15% climb, 5 minutes tabata sprints at speed #9. Jillian MIchaels DVD

S/L: loved this smoothie: spinach, frozen cherries, 1 1/2 frozen banana, 1 ripe banana, cacao, maca, cinnamon, cardamom, greener grasses powder, vanilla stevia, tablespoon of hemp seeds blended with water. So good!

10 ounces water

D: steamed spinach with olive oil, lemon, pepper and pink salt. guacamole and raw crackers from Yummy Tummy.

DS: raw vegan mint cacao ice cream with sliced banana.

I love this song!

The Roots Lovely, Love my Family Lyrics:
All we need, all we need. All we need.
Spread the love around, yeah

Sometimes when I am sitting by myself
Those quiet moments when not with no one else
I’m mesmerized by all the many good things in my life
I think about the time when I was younger
And the older that I get the more that I feel wiser
With the love of friends and family
Get stronger and it carries me on through

So I say lovely lovely lovely lovely lovely
lovely lovely lovely love, love my family
So I say lovely lovely lovely lovely lovely
lovely lovely lovely love, love my family
So I say lovely lovely lovely lovely lovely
lovely lovely lovely love, love my family

Sometimes when I am waiting for the bus
The sun shines bright and I feel peace like nowhere else
I know I'm in good health and life keeps going, I keep moving, I’m alright
I go to school and educate my mind, and the way the world is spinning
makes me want to turn around and start all over, hit the reset and go back in time.

Oh baby love me
Oh spread the love around, yeah

So I say lovely lovely lovely lovely lovely
lovely lovely lovely love, love my family
So I say lovely lovely lovely lovely lovely
lovely lovely lovely love, love my family
So I say lovely lovely lovely lovely lovely
lovely lovely lovely love, love my family

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If you loved me I would stay and stay and stay
Since you don't show me I want to be away away away
So very many rainy days days days

It's May
Time to manifest
Great plans
Grand places
In my heart
And where we plant our toes
And run our races
And dream our dreams

If you knew me you'd see see see
Since you don't you won't be be be
So very loved by me me me

Today's post brought to you by excessive Sugar & bad Poetry = PMS

20 ounces water

B: oatmeal with 2 chocolate squares, one banana, blueberries and cherries

L: banana, raw vegan cacao mint ice cream with chocolate zucchini bundt cake from Back to Eden

S: banana, couple raw crackers from Yummy Tummy

D: At Miso Sushi- 3 kinds of veggie rolls, ginger, wasabi and cucumber salad

S: Little tiny raw vegan "burger" patty from Yummy Tummy- very tasty. A few bites of pumpkin whoopie pie from Back to Eden. Some white rose kombucha from Townsend's. I love the rose kombucha.

Happy Monday night to you! xoxo 


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First off Happy Birthday wishes to my beautiful cousin's beautiful daughter and to my talented friend Ann Hymas and to my golf-pro Grandma! May 6 is a lovely day!

24 ounces water

S: bite of coffee chocolate

60 minutes total: 20 minutes treadmill: 15% incline then one mile run, Jillian Michael's DVD, extra ab work on the ball, finished with tabata sprint training on the treadmill and walking cool down.

S: Shake: soaked chia seeds, cacao, mesquite, vanilla, stevia, lucuma, tocos, handful frozen blueberries, one banana & maca.

B: The remainder of my post-workout shake with Dave's Killer blues buns. One with honey and the other with peanut butter and honey. Yum!!

S: one grapefruit

L: steamed kale, half avocado and raw vegan crackers from Yummy Tummy. 2 squares dark chocolate.

20 ounces water

D: Bliss salad from Prasad: mixed greens, figs, currants, beets, ginger dressing. We went to Mashtun for dinner so even though my Prasad salad was filling I ordered the hummus plate with cucumbers- never enough cucumbers, tomatoes, pepperocinis and olives with pita bread. I ate all the pepperocinis, tomatoes and cucumbers, a few olives and  few pita triangles with a little hummus but it was pretty bland.

DS: Couple bites of raw vegan cheesecake from Prasad.

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24 ounces water

B: one grapefruit and itty bitty square of coffee chocolate.

30 minute workout to Jillian Michaels DVD

S: banana & chocolate square

L: At Tasty & Sons: a radicchio salad with olives and pickled beets and a small plate of baked yams.

L#2: steamed spinach with lemon, pink salt and pepper & dessert was honey one one side of Dave's Killer bread Blues Buns and the other side a little peanut butter, raspberry jam and banana slices. Husband and son can't stand these blues buns and I love them! More for me! yumyumyum!

24 ounces water

D: Big arugula salad, sea veggie kraut and raw vegan crackers from Yummy Tummy. Perfectly delicious meal. Avocado would have made it even more perfect!

DS: raw vegan chocolate sauce over sliced strawberries.

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30 minutes meditation

24 ounces water

S: few last bites of chocomole

30 minutes run on treadmill, 30 minutes Jillian Michael's DVD

S: smoothie: 8 oz. cashew milk, vanilla, banana, peaches

L: bowl of broccoli topped with nutritional yeast, spirulina, black pepper, cayenne, tumeric, onion powder & garlic powder & one whole wheat tortilla. And to the rest of my smoothie I added tocos, spinach & raw vegan protein powder and finished that off!

DS: 2 squares dark chocolate

S: small square of coffee chocolate and a few raw banana-spirulina chips

S: a few raw crackers & few bites of raw a raw brownie from Yummy Tummy

D: kale, arame, kelp, hemp seed salad from Yummy Tummy

24 ounces water

DS: raw vegan orange cardamom ice cream

*****Saw this tweet today from rawliving whatcha think?:   Excellent & Easy! RT @GorillaGreenz: Detoxify the Liver with Milk Thistle Tea & detox the Kidneys with Black Sesame Tea.


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***Meditation and Yoga

*Green smoothie- eight collard leaves, two dates, two bananas, frozen blueberries, carob, cacao, nibs, goji berries, tocos, msm, maca, lucuma and chia seeds blended with water. This lasted me almost all day!

*Snacked on half of a vegan raspberry jam thumbprint cookie from Whole Foods on the way home. Clearly getting hungry after our little walk to the store!

***20 minutes jump rope in the sunshine while Eliot drew pictures with sidewalk chalk. He drew himself, me and pink wishing bubbles. Then he connected all the wishing bubbles because he said that meant we were hugging eachother. Next was a square with Mario characters and more…

*Organic peach and an amazing mango for a snack after jumping! Mangos are just amazing when they are squirty and juicy.

*Dinner: So excited! I just tried Food For Life bread that is wheat and gluten free and fruit sweetened and it was fantastic! Very surprising! I ate a lemon quinoa salad from the Whole Foods deli (no oils added, just salt and pepper and spices for flavor), steamed broccolini with one squeezed lemon, black pepper and nutritional yeast on top and one piece of FFL bread with half of a tiny avocado on top. Dessert was a few bites of raw brownie leftover from the Yummy Tummy. So glad I tried the bread!

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*Green smoothie- spinach, coconut milk (not raw), strawberries, a banana and msm.
*Lunch- Yummy Tummy's raw Thai salad (made with cabbage, carrots and nut dressing, I think) with my own farmer's market asparagus.
*Snack- banana, goji berries, and a piece of raw chocolate.
***Workout with Eben- shaking sore after!
*Put the last 20 ounces of green smoothie from this morning into the blender and added more spinach, more strawberries and spirulina.

Goji berries & Spirulina:

4-30-2009 12-43-02 PM_0237 by waxpancake

4-30-2009 12-42-49 PM_0236 by waxpancake

*Dinner: Yummy Tummy's "pasta" with kale. Which is zucchini, tomatoes, and spices. I dumped nutritional yeast on it too! Dessert was a Coracao mini chocolate.

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Birthday plans for Thursday February 12. May have to do some of this on Valentine's Day cause the list is too long!

*Pie – to look at vegan footwear.
*Sephora – to smell perfumes.
*Blossoming Lotus – to eat raw vegan food.
*Yummy Tummy – for more raw vegan food.
*Free People – to try on pretty clothes in their equally pretty dressing rooms.
*Seaplane – cause it's next to Free People. Clothes are really expensive here but handmade and gorgeous to admire.
*Anthropologie – love it and I've got a gift card. Thanks Toni and Michael!
*Urban Outfitters – I love their new heart shaped mixing bowls.
*boot camp at the gym – cause I like to sweat and it's my birthday.
*Stella McCartney for Adidas – oh, yeah there's no where to buy it in Portland. blech.
*Lululemon – love this store too. Best pants and jackets to work out in even if their design turnover is way too fast for my taste.
*Yoga class – a nice way to start the day. If I don't go to a class I'll at least spend some time when I wake up doing sun salutations and more.
*Laurelhurst Park – for a walk if it's not too cold.
*Sock Dreams – duh!
*Xtabay – because it's fun to look.

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