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I love clothes and shoes. And I adore Fluevogs and here's my issue. I'm vegan and I believe I shouldn't be galavanting around town in an animal's skin. And I'm pretty sure almost every cute shoe on the planet is made out of leather. Why oh why?

And by the way, my car has leather interior and I still wear all of the leather shoes I bought before I decided I just couldn't purchase them any longer.

However, I just bought two pairs of shoes tonight from I bought a pair of Marc by Marc Jacobs plastic red glittery sandals and a pair of Nine West sandals, both sans leather. Then I head over to Fluevog and the designs are gorgeous and I'm left feeling left out and discouraged. So, I'll look at the bright side: with less ethical options at the moment I spend less. Zappos is fantastic, by the way. With their free shipping and free returns.

xoxo Big love to cruelty free fashion.   

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started the day with lemon, cayenne and honey in hot water

B: smoothie: collards, coconut water, 2 bananas, blueberries, cucumber, chia seeds, mesquite, and cacao powder

s:more smoothie

L: salad with avocado, celery, asparagus, pumpkin seeds and salsa. turned out like gazpacho.

s: grapefruit and coconut juice

i bought a new pair of new balance running shoes from zappos this weekend, husband approved the purchase. it's like shampoo, people, i need to have running shoes. i am very pleased to say they are vegan and i hope they arrive tomorrow.

s: banana, raw peanut butter, jam and cacao nibs

D: went out to a bbq wings place for husband's birthday with family. i had a salad with squeezed lemon. and a bite of hubby's fried twinkie- pretty gross. not tempting at all.

d: lovely goneraw cacao recipe.  it tasted like the inside of a rich caramel coffee-ish truffle. i molded it into a flower and decorated it with coconut and goji berries. yum!

SIX MONTHS until the marathon!
 i love my life, my family and my food. my husband is supportive of my diet, my exercise, my creativity and my happiness. andy's proud of me and i'm proud of myself. 

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Which are your favorite sites for shopping online?

here are a few of my favorite sites: ~ such a cute site, honest customer service, lots of love for pancake meow ~i've spent loads of time and money on zappos, their brand list just seem to get longer and more impressive. linda loudermilk? are you kidding me? zappos is perfection from shopping to ordering, to returning (if you must). ~ fun silly designs and stuff stuff stuff, probably don't need most of it but fun to browse through. ~i've had my eye on her site for so long and i've yet to buy something. her stuff is adorable. ~v-neck t-shirts, dresses, pencil skirts, hoodies, socks and an organic line!  good customer service. i love the reviews too. ~ i've spent too much money here too. good gifts and great service. ~ fun to browse even if you're not vegan. much education to be had and plenty of yummy things to buy! ~ love to look here, never bought any thing though. next month we'll be close to this boutique so i'm looking forward to checking it out in person. ~ oooo patricia, you crazy girl, a blast to browse and i hope to go to her nyc shop next week! i've bought one thing on line last summer and all was smooth. ~ love this online shop! great customer service! great clothes and prices. highly recommended.

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Where do you do your online shopping?

* shoes and handbags and recently added clothing. excellent customer service, i think the best on the    web.

* know, they're good but they are getting a bit tricky with over priced  shipping.

*, crafty and silly stuff.

* yummy fashion.
*! and lots of them!

* crafty and beautiful stuff. but you have to act quickly, the one of a kind stuff is the best and it goes quickly.

*, crafts, jewelry, paintings. worth checking out.

and i still love to browse urban outfitters and anthropologie on line, but there are better sales generally in your local stores.

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