When I first saw these shoes I fell in love. They are so fitting for me. They are whimsical art for your feet by the incomparable Vivienne Westwood. Westwood teamed up with Melissa Plastic Dreams shoes and I own a few pairs of there conjoined artful efforts. Thank you to my husband who had these sent to me from New York in time for my birthday last Friday. Love these shoes!

Superhero posing:
2010-02-14 18-42-51 - IMG_4917 by waxpancake.

2010-02-14 18-43-24 - IMG_4919 by waxpancake.

And my Valentine's Day outfit:
2010-02-14 18-42-04 - IMG_4914 by waxpancake.

From the night I opened them:
2010-02-12 22-43-06 - IMG_4905 by waxpancake.

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