1. 8am yoga with Stephanie Snyder called Freedom, Fire & Fortitude with live music by Prajna Vierra & Ben Lienbach.

2. I had the morning yoga with Srutih & Jessica, which made it even more special. Very pretty space but the sound system was not well equipped in the back of the room. Luckily I was too into the moment to care. 😉

3. This is a little Srutih story, I hope she won’t mind me sharing but as we were walking back to the condo a woman walked toward us with an exposed gorgeous toned tummy & Sru stopped her to compliment her. She was so lovely & gracious, thanking Sru for being kind & acknowledging how that sort of appreciation for one another doesn’t happen often & it should.

4. Went for a walk around the village, more photos & people watching.

5. I ate 2 beautiful raw vegan crepes from Lydia’s Organic booth. One savory & one sweet. I was so full by the second one but I finished because it was SO yummy!

6. Second yoga class of the day was with Kathryn Budig, again! called Choose Only Love. I finally went up & introduced myself afterwards & when I approached her she asked, “Do I know you?” And I said no & explained I had been taking her classes & had been in her heart opener class in Portland. She was radiant, present & real.

7. I bought adorable pants from a vendor at Wanderlust. SO festival-cute!

8. Dinner with the ladies at Plump Jack… where they were very accommodating for my vegan needs & we had so much fun.

9. Changed clothes and off to Girl Talk we went! Dancing! I forgot how much I love dancing. So. Fun.

10. The view from our balcony at Squaw:

XOXOXOXO haha, how many times have I said, “fun”? XOXOXOXOXO