Oh my goodness I don't handle rejection well.

Last Thursday morning my trainer stood me up for the second time. I was really mad, talked to a 24 Hour Fitness manager and was on my way. Silly me I thought someone would call. Nope. Cut to this morning when I finished my workout I went over to the trainer desks to find my trainer hanging out. He comes towards me all full of sorry sorry and saying all the "right" things all the while his vibe was he was just going through the motions. I suddenly found myself losing my emotions. I felt like crying my eyes out, my chin quivered, my eyes did water and I took some breaths to stop this madness.

He's not my trainer any more, I talked to the big guy at the gym after getting emotional. Thankfully I had calmed down. Maybe I'm PMS-ing, maybe it was that sweet Jason Mraz music I'd been listening to for the hour before, or maybe I'm just sensitive. But ouch, I felt like I was breaking up with a friend, a friend who I was paying to spend time with me and couldn't bother. Good greif Charlie Brown. 

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