I did it, I ran my first marathon. The experience was emotional and uplifting. The post experience has been calm. My body feels good, a bit tired but good. The hills were worse then I had planned for and that set me off of my time goals but I quickly let that expectation go and enjoyed myself, the view, the memories, the people, my body and the music on my ipod.

The race began in Union Square a few blocks away where I used to work between 1997-1999. Lunches, racing to and from the BART train, shopping, showing visitors around, becoming a brave city girl in San Francisco, all these memories swirling through my head as my feet barely touched the ground- I felt like I sort of floated through the first of the 26.2 miles. Then the hills came and they were big! I decided to not run up all of them, I was very concerned about conserving my energy and that became my theme of the day I think. I was so worried about "the wall" and getting hurt and not finishing and any combination of those things that I was very careful. If you know me you know I tend to over think and I did it during my marathon too. But, I'm okay with that because it was my first experience running that distance and I did it!! And I never hit the wall, and I sprinted to the finish line, and I was relaxed and my recovery has been strong. I feel fantastic. I'll test my speed in some small races maybe or just on my own, we'll see.

The evening of the marathon we spontaneously ended up in a pimped out limousine that brought us to our long planned dinner at Greens with twelve wonderful friends.

What a marvelous day.

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