Big Love For One Lucky Duck!!!

I just received my third order from One Lucky Duck and need to express my appreciation. I really admire a company who knows who they are and knows their audience- me. All of my raw goodies are lovingly packaged in hot pink tissue paper with trademark stickers, a handwritten thank you, a free treat and a postcard. And not to mention all I've ordered!

In the last ten months from the Duck I've purchased:
Chocolate Crispies- a raw cereal
Cinnamon Crispies- a raw cereal
Raspberry Thumbprint cookies- the most expensive thing I think and they are perfection!
Blueberry Oatmeal cookies
Chocolate truffles
Chocolate Truffle Butter
E3 Live
Blonde Macaroons
Chocolate Macaroons
Cheesey Quackers
Goji Berries
Mesquite Powder
Raw Carob Powder
Raw Cacao Nibs
Wild Atlantic Wakame
Virgin Oil De Coco Creme
You Can't Zit Here- a Blemish banishing foaming wash that says it's first ingredients are "Unconditional Love and Gratitude". And the directions say to "Lovingly massage into damp skin…"
And they sent me a One Lucky Duck tote bag! For free!

So I just wanted to say if you want to try something from the Duck it is a wonderful company! They have bamboo towels, supplements, beauty supplies, snacks, ingredients and tons more.

Thank you One Lucky Duck!!


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