Eliot Eliot Eliot. You stole my heart over five years ago when I dreamed of you before I even knew you were growing inside of me. And this is what you've been saying and doing lately:

*Giggling while watching Zoboomafoo
*Coloring a picture of a Thanksgiving turkey and calling it a "roast chicken" which lead to…
*me asking, "Eliot, what's a roast chicken?" His reply, "It's a chicken that you cook and that you eat." Which lead me to…
*oh my god, why am I having this conversation? Ready…set…go…breath
*I explained simply and then gave him a 5 question quiz:
1. What does mommy eat? Salads!
2. What does Eliot eat? Bagels!
3. Name an animal that doesn't eat other animals. A hippo, wait a duck. No, a giraffe!
4. Name an animal that eats other animals. A crocodile!
5. Does everyone all over the world eat the same food?  no.
*A conversation this afternoon about how he wants to go to school when he's five.
*What kind of school? Where there's an apple on the desk.
*Do mommys go to school? No. What do I do? Well, you can run and then come pick me up.
*Eliot tried yams this week and salad.
*This week and last week he told Andy and me that he wants a baby sister like his doll and he wants to name her Noola, like his doll and he wants to take care of her and rub her head.
*He's obsessed with Mario, and video games in general.
*Eliot and Andy have been playing Legends of Zelda every night.
*We all play Peggle Nights, another video game, a lot.
*He loves to take pictures with my iphone and with the digital camera.
*He gives huge hugs, kisses and head butts.



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