Eliot's song at the breakfast table this morning:
the sand hills are too hard to climb so you get some ladders
two pairs of shoes on a boat doesn't fit so you didn't know what to do dododoododoodoo
in the desert on the water hot chocolate in the water it helps so you can do doododoodo
it works for your things so you can snort (snort) and you can do  your own imagination and it can be in your dream
so you can be hommmmmmmme. the end.

"this song is called, The Heart" says Eliot:
the music of the hearts
you do what you want to do
so you can get your close up
the kuckoo heart love
so you can be your own
it is fun to be yourself
and you can be yourself again
you can be anything you want to be when you grow up
a worker, a scientist
anything you want
and you can go home
it is home
it can be somethings
it can be a fish
or you can be yourself
if it doesn't scare you
if the scientist leaves everything it will be your moving skill
and the skill will be disappearing
and you can learn with a boy
in play-doh you can talk
yes yes yes
the hearts a-you!

Grabbed his little guitar again:
You can be your artist, it is true
Rock and roll rock and roll rock and roll
Rock and roll
you can be your cord
it can be bye bye

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