One of my favorite places ever. The food- raw vegan, the atmosphere- romantic New York. Love.

Our drinks:

Green juice + beer = Ami & Andy by waxpancake

Our dinner:

Pure Food & Wine by waxpancake

6-19-2009 4-33-47 PM_0069 by waxpancake

6-19-2009 4-33-39 PM_0068 by waxpancake

Our desserts:

Trio of raw vegan ice creams

Pure Food & Wine raw vegan desserts by waxpancake.
And a sundae

6-19-2009 4-59-23 PM_0071 by waxpancake.
The menu:

6-19-2009 4-30-43 PM_0066 by waxpancake

Until we meet again… xoxo

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