…he likes penguins, going to museums & parks. He loves his friends and family. If you ask what his favorite city is he always says “Hawaii” (haha). He adores stuffed toys like Ugly Dolls. Pokemon, Kirby, Winnie the Pooh and more. He loves board games & video games. He loves money and one of his favorite things is to find coins wherever we are. If someone tries to hand him a penny after they notice his hunt he says no thanks because he likes to find it himself. He likes to win but won’t be upset if he doesn’t. He loves to paint. He won’t get out of bed until Mommy or Daddy come to get him (true). He loves broccoli & kale & pez candy. He’s vegetarian and many meals these days are vegan. At the moment I can’t imagine him deciding to eat meat but we always tell him he can choose to try it at any time. He loves the movie Ponyo. A recent favorite is What About Bob? with Bill Murray. He loves slapstick just like his mommy. He’s got a huge heart. Snuggles, hugs & kisses are guaranteed if he loves you. He’s traveled to England, France & Spain to name a few. He’s lived in Los Angeles, Palo Alto, Portland & was born in Santa Monica. He reads, he writes, he does math & likes good music. He loves Harry Nilsson, The Beatles, They Might Be Giants & Queen. He loves apples, chocolate cake & pumpkin whoopie pies. He has amazing eyesight (one of the many things we’re grateful for!). He dances, jumps, takes gymnastics, loves to battle, wrestle & build forts. He loves the beach & blisses out while playing in the sand & water. He’s interested in all the daddy techy things in our life and in all the yoga mommy things too. He loves orange creamsicles & science. He loves trampolines, time with all his cousins, crafting with his hot glue gun, sculpting with clay, watching tv, drinking horchata, and the smell of burning sage. I just read this to him & he approves of this message.

Happy almost seventh birthday sweet Eliot. You are my dream come true.