Today is husband's birthday. He's brilliant, funny and handsome. Lucky me!

*oatmeal, same as yesterday. I used to eat this all the time and I'm on it again like a bee to honey!
***100 push ups, 250 crunches- with crazy fun variations, 100 squats with overhead presses and swings, 50 squat lunges, bridges with leg raise, and boat pose. Little jumping on the rebounder on and off today too!
*alfalfa and broccoli sprouts, dulse, cucumber, celery, meyer lemon, kale chip scraps again, this time the pesto flavor, and balsamic vinegar. More strawberry kombucha and a bit of Gnosis cool peppermint raw vegan chocolate.
*restaurant for a late birthday lunch for Andy. Eliot told the waitress he's a green bean machine referring to how much he likes edamame. I ate a few avocado and cucumber rolls with E's edamame. 
*restaurant- Toro Bravo for Andy's birthday. I ate kale raab, sauteed spinach with pine nuts and golden raisins, cauliflower and dried cherri couscous. We shared two desserts (not vegan) the olive oil cake and churros with chcocolate sauce. Eliot Loved the olive oil cake and said he wanted it on his birthday!

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