*Half of a small watermelon
*Green smoothie- 30 oz of kale, collards, cacao, chocolate mint leaves, tocos, msm, maca, a date, bananas, and water.
*Running out the door for Eliot's Taekwon-Do class grabbed a banana, two tiny squares of dark chocolate and a small handful of goji berries. Eliot got "best student" today, he was so very happy!
*Green juice at Sip
*Veggie dog with mustard and dessert was coconut chocolate ice cream- just a few bites or I get very sick but man do I love the taste! … Later on and I'm feeling sick from those few bites of ice cream. Sadness.
***Went for a walk with Eliot in the sunshine.
*Snacky day- two little pancakes with strawberry jam. These were from the small batch I made with Eliot last night. We bought the package from Food Fight and the brand is Cherrybrook Kitchen  and they are tasty!
*Green smoothie- I made 32 oz and drank about half of it :Head of romaine, bananas, an orange, cinnamon and vanilla creme stevia.

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