***meditation and yoga
*Green smoothie- collards, msm, tocos, maca, cacao, carob, bananas, mesquite and water.
*Snacked on goji berries, golden berries, mandarins and a few kale chips. One piece of dark chocolate.
*Bumblekiss for lunch with family. I brought my Quite Cheesy Kale Chip crumbs and dulse strips and had a mixed green salad with cucumbers and tomatoes.
*Dessert- a raw vegan strawberry ice cream pop.
*Snacked on some kale chips in the car on the way home from Eliot's spanish class.
*Yummy Tummy food! Raw tacos and double chocolate parfait. Amazing texture on the pudding!
***15% incline on the treadmill up to 3.8 speed for 25minutes with 10 minutes of dumbells (some lifting while walking on the treadmill!) and abs on the ball.

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