a little late for earth day but nonetheless sincere these are the things i've changed to start living greener everyday!

but first, since buying a big volvo suv in december, which i felt very good about at the time because weren't driving very much and i like a big safe family car that i can pack all of our stuff in for road trips. and then about 5 weeks after purchasing the big suv i got a job and i commute, eek! this is not a commuter vehicle. i feel guilty about my comfort and safety and that sucks, not to mention the wretched gas prices in california. so my solutions to guilt and to minimize my "footprint" as they say here's my short list:

as of yesterday i am officially vegan!

i bought a big SIGG water container to carry with me, no more little plastic bottles. eliot has one too.

shorter showers, especially in our old home, one of our showers takes forever to get hot so that shower will now be used minimally.

i unplug electronics that aren't in use

we use seventh generation diapers

we use seventh generation recycled paper towels

i use cloth napkins everyday

i buy biodegradable  household cleaning products

i buy organic produce/foods

i recycle my old running shoes

we recycle more then ever at home

we walk where ever we can

andy's commuting on the train more

we only run the dishwasher when it's about to explode because it's so full!

i finally have some tote bags to bring to the grocery store!

i plan on going to our local farmers market next weekend when it reopens for the season

we buy into our local green energy company

so that's what i can think of off the top of my head. so my wish is for everyone to go just a little green. green is beautiful!

clothing: yesterday i wore my bay area boot camp light blue tank under my baby gap preppy blue argyle sweater vest, i love that thing. today i have on a pink t with tiny dinosaurs on it, plaid patchwork shorts, brown belt and brown born platform sandals.

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