10 minutes yoga
10 minutes trampoline!

B: smoothie: cherries, loads and loads of spinach, loads of blueberries, maca, cacao powder, vanilla, dark chocolate stevia, one banana, water and pork chops. just kidding! just seeing if you're paying attention!

while drinking my smoothie my son starts singing loudly, "there's poop i my pants, there's poop in my pants!" my kid needs to learn how to use the toilet. today.

also, eliot's new "swear" word is barackobama. he says it like one big word, and with certain inflections depending on what he's expressing. we like obama in our house, i think he just thought it was a fun "word". ha!

L: restaurant: spinach, pear, radish, and cucumber salad with squeezed lemon and my not tuna on the side.

S: coconut butter, 2 bananas, and cacao powder shake, about 1/2 cup for a snack and saved the rest in the fridge.

S: banana

workout in the park- one hour

D: restaurant- wakame seaweed salad and mango and coconut smoothie

more dinner at home: made a broccoli salad with ani's black pepper cheeze.

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